Friday, 12 March 2010

A Friday Finish!

It is Mothers Day here on Sunday in the Uk so today I helped my little 23 month old mindee Leon make a card for his Mum. This was the first time he had played with crayons and stickers, he had a great time.  I normally get the kids to make a little gift but as Leon is still so young I decided at the last minute to stitch something for him to give his Mum.   I am not the quickest of stitchers so I was quite anxious that I would manage to finish it on time.   Ten minutes before Grandma arrived I was sewing in my last bead but for a rush job I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

I had intended getting back to my  little girl on the fence SAL piece and an Easter design that I have started but this week-end I need to stitch up a piece for a new little baby girl that arrived today.  I have a choice between Lizzie Kates Baby Sampler or SamSarahs design Here I Am  Which one do you prefer?

I am way behind on my blog reading so I am looking forward to catching up on everyones news and what they are working on.  Hope everyone has a great week-end.  Hugs!


Jules said...

Here I Am by far! That one is so adorable. Have a great Mother's Day; ours isn't until the 2nd Sunday in May.

Meadows08 said...

They both are so cute but I just love the "Here I am" statement. It's just so true!

Cheryl said...

Lovely card and gift! Thats very kind of you to do that!
I introduced Caleb to crayons the other half eaten and one big pink stripe down my cream couch :(

Lesleyanne said...

I would vote for the Lizzie Kate. I have stitched this and it is a lovely one.

Erna said...

So sweet, have a wonderful Mother's Day.
Ours is in May.

Shari said...

the little pillow is so adorable....great job!!!!
I vote for the Here I am piece.....I love LK, but I have stitched the other one myself & love how it turned out!!!
Got a good start on my cute SAL last night!!!!

Bette said...

Gosh, they're both so cute. I'd have to say I like Here I Am. It's different, not so traditional.

shutterbug said...

I love the card Leon made! I'm sure his mom will love it along with the stitched piece. Very cute. :) I'm guessing that you have already started the baby sampler so my opinion will be too late, but I love 'Here I am'! I also love L*K but I have never seen the SamSarah one before. I've been working on my March SAL. It took me forever to pick out the colors. Still not sure I'm completely happy with the ones I chose so they may still change. :) {{{Hugs}}} and Happy Mother's Day!

Michelle said...

What lovely photos - well done to all. Michelle x

Mylene said...

Cute little pillow!

Happy Mother's Day!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Siobhan said...

I think both samplers are cute!

The card and gift are both so nice. How nice of you to make that for Leon's mother! I know she will treasure it.

I hope you got my e-mails! :)