Saturday, 30 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

I am really enjoying the exchanges I am doing this year with Pirjo and Cath. As you can see they have both spoiled me with a wonderful selection off goodies in our Autumn and Halloween swaps. Our next swap will be Christmas , my favourite stitchy theme. I have started stitching and shopping for both exchanges already.

This is my Autumn package from Cath. Sorry the picture isn;t great. My gorgeous gifts were lots of stitchy fabric, notebook,hankies, sheep, two stitchy items, purse, sweets (Ian has already pinched a and a really cool shoulder bag.

I just had to take a close-up of my sheep. It is just too funny and soooo cute!

Cath has stitched me two wonderful finishes. I haven;t seen the cute Plumpkin design before and I love the ribbon edging on the Lizzie Kate. Thank you so much, I just love everything, you are such a sweet friend.

Pirjo has also sent me this amazing package off Halloween goodies. She has stitched me this beautiful pin-keep with more cute sheep. There are so many gorgeous purply goodies, candles, halloween fabric and she has included another lovely piece of hand-dyed stitchy fabric. Thank you so much Pirjo , you are another dear friend who has spoiled me with another fabulous package.

This is my Halloween package along with a few Scottish goodies that I sent to Pirjo. I included some Black evenweave,glittery mediera threads, witchy and bright orange fabrics, cute light-up pumpkin, halloween chocs, tartan napkins,notebook, ribbon and key-ring.

My Witch for Pirjo;s package was a freebie design that I found in my stash, sorry I can;t remember who its by. As usual I altered a few parts and colours to suit myself but I was very happy with the way it turned out.

As I have mentioned before we don;t decorate our homes for Halloween but thanks to my stitchy friends and doing a few pieces myself this year I now have the start of a great display. I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween. Hugs!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

New Finishes/Exchanges/Gifts

I managed to find some time this week to finish off these two Halloween pieces I recently stitched. Not may people decorate their homes at Halloween here in Scotland but there are so many cute designs I couldn't resist stitching a few.

I forgot to post this picture in my last post of these gorgeous gifts I received for my Birthday from Cathy. I just love the purple tones in the bracelet. Thank you so much Cathy.

This is the pillow and goodies I sent to Cathy for our Autumn exchange. The pillow design is from Heart in Hand Wee Autumn. It was a very cute stitch and I am glad to say Cathy is delighted with it.

I sent this little RAK to Nia a few weeks ago. I thought she might like this new Christmas special magazine and some DMC threads to complete her collection.

I got a wonderful surprise this week when this wonderful package of goodies arrived from my dear friend Elaine in Wisconsin. How spoiled am I with all those pretty Halloween fabrics and cute buttons. I couldn;t stop smiling when I also unwrapped three of my favourite things. The gorgeous Jack Sparrow, a darling snowman and the most adorable little cow ever. Aren;t stitching friends just the best. I am also so delighted for Elaine as the gorgeous Pumpkin design published in the magazine in the picture was designed by herself. Congratulations Elaine ,I can;t wait to see many more and thank you so much for sending me such sweet gifts.
I have been really busy this week and once again I am way behind on emailing and blogging. I decided last week-end to clear out my stash cupboard which is part of the built-in-wardrobe in my bed-room. Good idea at the time but hubby then decided we should just go ahead and clear out the whole cupboard. A job that I was expecting to take a few days is now going into its second week. No time to stitch or read , I just don't know how I am going to Hope everyone elses needles are busy , busy , busy and I look forward to catching up on my blogging once again and seeing all those new finishes. Hugs!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Finishes & Blogger problems!

Well here I am again and I;m hoping that this week is going to turn out better than last week. My DD Heather was very poorly with her asthma and both Ian and Craig had a viral infection. Normally I am the one who catches all the colds and bugs but oh joy how lucky was I to have three of them sick at the one time. Thankfully they are nearly all on the mend. It did give me a chance at the week-end though to stitch, stitch, stitch and I had a day off work yesterday so I gave myself a kick in the butt and got some finishing done. I completed my Autumn exchange piece for Cath and will post a picture when she hopefully has received it sometime this week.

This is my September Stitch-A-Long finish. The design is a freebie by Erica Michaels. As regular readers know my finishing is always a challenge for me but I am quite pleased with this

This is Octobers Stitch-A-Long finish. Now this design is from Lizzie Kate, sort I was stitching this last Saturday night while watching Strictly Come Dancing and X-Factor. I was so engrossed with the tv I didn;t realise I had stitched the words Trick, Treat,Tree, Fence and the House all out of place. I didn;t want to start ripping so I just added a Cat, Spider, Bats and a Moon.

Fingers crossed this post will work as I have been trying for hours for the past few days to make a post. For some unknown reason after I upload one image, do some text and go back to upload another the browse button just won;t work. I;ve tried lots of stuff but nothing seems to fix it. The Help area for blogger is just useless. I finally found someone suggesting on a forum that I try going back to the Old Editor. If this doesn;t work I;m gonna be the one sitting on my naughty Hope everyone has a great week-end.Hugs!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Go check out the fabulous Give-aways!

So many wonderful bloggers are having fabulous Give-aways. Please go check them out.

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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Give-away Winner & Stitching!

Thank you to everyone who has joined in my give-away. Joey giraffe was very excited to help choose the winner.

Pretty colours, who will win shaking the jar is so much fun!

Who will win, who will it be, hurry up I want to see!

Michelle, Michelle, Michelle it;s YOU, can I come in your package too!

It;s just not fair, Lainey says no,she;s not going to let me go!

I tried my best but it;s not to be, so I guess it;s now good-bye from me!

Congratulations Michelle I will  mail out your package later this week. I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to leave a comment on my ramblings. I have selected the 5 top people who regularly leave me a comment and a little thank-you package will be going to the winner. I want this to be a surprise so I will announce who it is when they receive the package.

This is my SAL piece for September. Just need to add a button and then it will be added to my finishing pile. I;ve got so many now and it takes me so long to make them up into an ornament, pillow, cube etc I;ll need a few weeks off work to get them done. I;ve also got side-tracked again and should be stitching another autumn piece but I;ve started another Halloween one. I really need a kick in the

I read this book on my break last week-end. It took me a few chapters to get into it but after that I couldn;t put it down. A good thriller with a twist in the tale. Rachel Lupton is a new author who I will definately be adding to my book list.

Well once again my week-end is nearly over and I haven;t done a great deal of stitching. I've got lots of housework and paperwork I need to catch up on this week but I must make some stitchy time or I will go
Happy Stitches everyone. Hugs!