Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A finish, a start and flowers!

After missing the deadline to complete I resisted the temptation to toss this aside and spent my week-end finishing it off. It is such a cute design. I think it would be great finished off framed with school type buttons around a mount board.

I started this a few weeks ago to help keep my sanity during the run up to Prom. The chart is Willow House by BBD that was very kindly given to me by my dear friend Corinna. Keep an eye on my posts as I will be passing forward the chart when I am finished. As usual I am stitching it with threads from my stash and as anyone who has already stitched it will notice I have made it into a portrait piece instead of landscape. I am loving stitching this and wish I could work on it all the time but I need to do an exchange piece, a challenge piece and a few gifts. I really shouldn;t moan at least my stitching mojo is intact..lol.

We have had some wonderful sunny weather recently and it sure has helped the flowers in our garden. Roses are one of my favourite flowers and I have these four growing under my living-room window. Hubby Ian actually thought that the winter weather had killed them off , how wrong was he, they are just gorgeous.
My pots that I filled a few weeks ago are really coming along as well.

Hugs and happy stitching to everyone out there in blogland!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Trying to catch up!

Help! I need a vacation, I feel like that old headless chicken running around the yard. The Farmer really needs to shoot me..lol. Life has just been so hectic lately. I just want to have time to sit down and do nothing, even my stitching has stressed me out this week. One of the teachers from our local primary school who taught Heather when she was 6 is retiring today. Heather decided at the last minute to try and get some of her previous classmates together to sign a card, buy some flowers and surprise the teacher with a visit from some of them this afternoon. Well of course being me I got it into my head that I would just have to stitch a little something. I loved this design when I saw it in this months Cross-stitcher magazine but sadly I gave up stressing myself out last night trying to get it finished on time. I will keep working on it until its complete as I am sure there will be someone who would like it.

Magazine Image

I can now reveal the give-away prize package that I sent to Siobhan. I was very anxious tackling something to send to Siobhan as her finishes are always so stunning.  As my regular visitors know I always get myself in a tizzy when it comes to finishing a stitched piece but even I was pleased with how this one turned out. I reckon I would no longer have the dunces cap, teacher might even give me a silver star...lol.

Stitched Area



The other items I included were a little stitching kit I made up with the Dear Friends chart by Elizabeths Designs, scottish thistle pin and cute cow/sheep tea towel, fabric/quilting notebook and a little doggy frame for Duffy, Siobhans adorable doggy. As usual I had wonderful fun putting this all together and it is even more sweet when it is for a friend.

Finally I had to say good-bye to my darling boy this week. I have taken care of four year old Oscar since he was 11 months old and his older brother Jacob for a year and a half before he went to school. It breaks my heart when my little ones have to leave. I bubbled all my way through making up a photo album on Sunday afternoon. I;ve always managed to keep my feelings in check on the last day until everyone leaves but I felt a right fool at nursery school on Wednesday morning when I started sobbing. I know they will keep in touch but I am sooo going to miss my boy. I received these beautiful flowers, wine, chocolates and a lovely card from Oscar and his family. I know it is my job but it is so nice when a parent thanks you and appreciates all you have done in caring for their child.

Heather was amazed at all the lovely comments everyone has left on her prom photographs, she can;t believe that people she doesn;t know would take the time to say such lovely stuff. Hugs and thanks to everyone.
I am going to have a few free days next week so hopefully I will get a chance once again to catch up with all my stitchy friends out there. I so need to catch up on my blog reading and emailing. Hope everyone has a lovely week-end. Hugs!!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Heathers Prom!

Thank you so much to everyone who left the kind comments on my previous post. I am feeling much better now but I couldn;t have gotten sick at a worse time. Being sick meant I wasn;t able to collect Heathers dress for her Prom until Saturday and as if we didn;t have enough to do we decided to paint and decorate our dining-room over the week-end. We don;t have a very large room but it seemed to take forever to do. We didn't get to bed until 2.00am Monday and Tuesday night, so by Wednesday morning, the day of Heathers prom I was running around like a headless chicken.
Heather is not a girly-girl, make-up and fashion aren;t really her thing, so it was a real treat for us to see her all grown-up in her dress. Our baby girl has turned into a beautiful young woman. The Prom was held in the Crutherland Hotel in the town of East Kilbride about twenty minutes drive from our home. Sadly the kids had left it too late to book a Limo so they had to hire a coach. It was quite a site seeing some of the girls trying to get onto a bus in their dresses. Heather said the three course meal they had was lovely and everyone enjoyed the ceiladh/disco. I hope I don;t  bore anyone too much but Proms are still a relatively new idea here in Scotland and  I just have to share all the lovely photographs I took. My blog will be back to normal in the next post , when I will have some stitching up-dates. Hope everyone has a good week-end. Hugs!


Corsage from James


Aunt Liz & Uncle Robert

Best Friend Kirsty

Gemma,Natalie,Kirsty, Heather

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Sick note..lol!

Just a quick post today. I;ve had a nasty sickness virus and an never ending chesty cold since Friday. Being in bed though has let me catch up with my emailing, reading, commenting on my blogs and in between napping I have been stitching.
I;ve finished my Birdie June SAL piece and started on an exchange piece. Hopefully I will be back to normal soon as I have so much going on here in the next few weeks. Hugs!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Friday Fill In!

I've managed to get a little stitching done in the past few days. This is my June SAL piece that Elaine chose from Sanman. I just love the cute birdie. It is a beautiful sunny day here so I am hoping to spend the rest of the afternoon in the garden finishing this piece off. I need to stitch something for an exchange and a birthday gift but I am so itching to start something new for myself. I do have some pieces already kitted up in my box but there not shouting out to me anymore, I need a stash rummaging fix..lol.

Would anyone like a little package, sorry just teasing. This little bundle of goodies will be at long last winging there way over to Ireland to the lovely Siobhan who won my giveaway last month. I get such enjoyment putting together a stitchy surprise. Hopefully the package won;t take too long to get there and I can then reveal the contents.

On Sunday we visited out local garden supplier and bought lots of plants to fill up our pots. I;m hoping a lot of them will flower in the next few weeks and fingers crossed we get good weather so Heather can have some nice prom pictures taken in the garden. We are off to the dress shop on Monday again for her final dress fitting. Sadly I didn;t get a chance to take a sneaky picture at last weeks fitting. We also went for a trial run to the hairdressers on Saturday. At the moment it looks like we are going for lots of curls with her hair pinned up but you know teenagers she may change her mind on the day.

I hope everyone has a lovely week-end. Hugs!

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