Thursday, 14 February 2013


Happy Valentines Day!

Any regular readers and friends know how much I love trying to make something of my stitched piece.  I was determined to finish this for Valentines Day so let's just say today my swear tin made a lot of money! This is my version of "My love for You" by The Sampler Girl. If you want to see how the original looks it's on my "Remember Me" post.

My dear friend Catherine knows what a Snowman addict I am and very kindly gifted me this cute chart last year. As usual I worked with what fabric and threads I had in my stash and created my own tree. I've no idea what happened but I think it got caught in a snow Hopefully by my next visit it will resemble a small pillow of sorts.

As well as these finishes I've also had a few stitchy mishaps this week. I was finishing off a small gift for a friend when I noticed a mark on the fabric. I gave it a quick wash and left it inbetween a piece of kitchen roll to dry. The next day I had it sitting on top of my stitching basket ready to pick up and stuff. A few hours later I stood up to answer the phone and knocked my cuppa right over the side of my chair and into the basket. Thankfully most of it was soaked up by the kitchen roll but once again the poor piece had to be washed. I will share when it finally reaches it's destination. I have also somehow managed to lose my threads for my February Reindeer ornament that I showed in my last post. I've searched everywhere and actually think I may have put them in the bin by mistake. I will finish it if they turn up but for the moment I started on this Reindeer by Nancy at Victorian Motto Samplers.

I'm beginning to wonder if stitching just now is a good idea for me. I;ve been trying to stitch and read to keep me busy as I'm finding it difficult to function at the moment. We received some unexpected bad news last week. I won;t go into any detail as I still get really upset when I talk about it. Thank you to Cath, Catherine, June, Elaine, Lisa, Mouse and Nataly for making my days a little easier with your prayers, love and support. Sorry to end my post on such a gloomy note. I hope everyone is having a good week with lots of stitches and crafty fun.


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A Few Finishes!

I didn't think I was going to make it but on the last day of the month I managed to finish "It;s Snow Cold" by LHN for my January Ornament SAL. Being a Snowman addict I just love this cute design.

The theme on the SAL for February is Candy Canes or Reindeer. I chose this little guy from the JCS 2012 Ornament magazine. It's designed by Cathy Jean at The Victoria Sampler.

This teeny tiny pumpkin finish was my January Halloween Ornament. Februarys theme was a Black Cat. I took this little guy from part of a freebie design at the Silvercuteddwarf blogspot.

My eyes were too tired to stitch last night so I decided to try crocheting some squares. Last time I tried these was well over 30 years ago. Just like my stitching there not perfect but they'll do

I hope everyone is having a good week with lots of stitchy and crafty time.