Sunday, 26 February 2012

How I Wish I Could Quilt and you will too when you see these!

I haven;t had a great week this week but today I had a lovely day out with my dear Mum. We decided at the last minute to venture through to Edinburgh to a Spring Quilt show. Though I don;t quilt I managed to pick up a few bits and pieces but I will leave that until another post. I just had to share these images off some of the Quilts. No matter what kind off craft you do you just have to appreciate these stunning "paintings on fabric". The little mini ones were in a competition, first prize was the bluebell woods. There all beautiful but if I had to choose my top three in the main Quilts it would be The Magical Isle, Ladies holding hands around the world and the time piece one with the watches. I  hope you enjoy and please share your top three. Hugs!

                                                                    MINI SQUARES



Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Stitchy Sorts!

Yes I;m still in sheep mode and my flock is slowly growing. This cute little guy was a freebie. I decided to liven up his plaid coat with a little blue. Tomorrows plan is too make him into pillow.

Barb is another member off the sheep mad clan so I just had to stitch her this little cutie too celebrate her Birthday this week. She received so many beautiful stitchy gifts do pop over and take a peek.

My little two year old mindee Abigail was as excited as me when the postman delivered this box on Thursday. She couldn;t wait to help me tear off the cellotape and oh WOW how gorgeous are all these goodies that I received from Jackie in the Love & Friendship exchange. The LK Friendship pillow is beautiful and those sheepy charts , oh my.  Abigail just loved the red heart box and I;m sure Jackie won;t mind if I let her decorate it too take home with her.

Excuse my language ladies but OMG I nearly peed my pants with joy when I saw these scissors!!!!! I know I'm always going on about it but I could never dream of buying anything like that here in Scotland. I don;t have any local needlecraft stores any more so I can;t get my hands on stash easily. My only choice is to buy online. I soooo appreciate it when I receive a little gem like this and its so sweet that Jackie took the time to find them for me, another stitching angel.

This is my Love & Friendship exchange package that I sent to Sarah The design on the pillow is taken from the same chart as the Rose I recently stitched for June. Sarah is another mad lilac and purple fan so she loved her pillow.
Remember you still have until Friday to sign-up for the new Spring into Easter Exchange. You will find the link on the sidebar off my blog.

I put another few stitches in my February Christmas tree ornament this morning and in the afternoon I sorted out a number off pieces for stuffing, sewing and making into something presentable. I shall hopefully be back later in the week with some too share and the start on my latest sheep for the flock.

I don;t know about others but the new comment word verification is driving me crazy! I;m not stupid but I seem to have endless attempts at putting in the correct letters. I;ve removed the verification part on my blog as I don;t want too put people off leaving a comment. Is it just me?

Have a good week. Hugs! 

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Spring Exchange Alert!

I can;t believe it has been a year since I started the Stitched with Love Exchange group. Many people have  made wonderful new friendships and have been very happy with the beautiful stitched pieces and extras they have received. Sign-ups are now being taken for our Spring into Easter exchange. Details can be found at If you would like to come and join in the fun sign-ups are being taken until Friday 23rd February. Hugs!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

A finish and a little RAK!

I finished my first February Sheep today. It was a delight to stitch. My little sheep is off course unique as I didnt; realise until I went to do the swirly bits that I had stitched the bottom of his body in a different colour off thread from the top. I could have changed it but I love him and thats what matters.

Way back in December I had a competition on the Stitched with Love Exchanges and dear June won this package off goodies along with the Snowman I had stitched. After I took the photograph I packed everything away and being Christmas I had put it in the back of the cupboard and completely forgot all about it. Last month when I was stitching a RAK for June it came into my mind that I hadn;t sent the winning package. I was so emabarassed! Thankfully June understood what a scatterbrain I am and has now received them.

This is my first RAK off 2012. I am planning to do more of those through-out the year for friends and regular visitors to my blog. June loves her garden and shares such beautiful photographs of her flowers. I thought this Rose would be just perfect.
Hope everyone is having a lovely week-end. Hugs!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Sheepy Month!

Well here comes February! I hope I get to play with my needle and thread as much as I did in January. I managed to complete 4 Birthdays gifts, 2 RAKS, 1 Exchange piece and my January ornament. Wow, even I;m amazed I did all

I;m still awaiting my results from the hospital and was feeling a bit sorry for myself this week but my postman brought me this wonderful treat from my dear friend Sally. She knows how much as old Ewes love our Sheep. Thank you so much Sally it was the perfect pick-me up. I;ve got them both kitted up already. February is going to be my Sheepie month.

Just in the nick of time I finished my Santa for the Christmas Ornament SAL. Those pesky frogs were all over him so he isn;t quite perfect but I do think he;s cute. This was also the first time I used the bobble trim. As we say in Scotland it was a footery (awkward) job that I won;t be in a rush to do again. Please visit the blog and see the other beautiful Santas. Our theme for February are Ornies with a Christmas tree in them. You can join in whatever month you wish and complete as many as you like.

Finally I will leave you with a picture of  Patch the newest member of the family. My DD Heather and myself have begged and pleaded to have a dog  for many many years but DH just wont; agree and I suppose to be fair I can;t really have one with my job either. I was so thrilled when my dear Mum gave us Patch for christmas. She lovingly made him for us. He;s just pefect no barks, , no walkies, he just stands there and looks
Be back soon with my sheepies. Hugs!