Thursday, 10 July 2008

Holiday time!

I won;t be around for the next week as we are off on holiday to Wales. We are staying in a lovely recently renovated house right on the harbour. I am looking forward to relaxing with either my stitching or a good book. I don;t care if it!
I haven;t had any time to stitch this week but I did look through all my Just Cross-stitch Ornament magazines and chose a great big bundle of ornaments to get started on.
Hope everyone has a good week and I look forward to catching up on all those blogs and stitching.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Three finishes!

Well my eye didn;t get any better until yesterday so most of my week has been spent making up some pieces that were in my finishing pile. They are all Lizzie Kate designs. Follow your heart was stitched on aida band with some perle cotton threads. The baby sampler was also stitched using the perle cotton threads and the cute buttons I purchased a few weeks ago turned out just perfect for the finish. Dear Santa I stitched many years ago but had just never got round to doing anything with it. Hope you like them. Hugs!

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

A bit cheeky!

I woke up yesterday morning with a lovely swollen eye so I found it rather difficult to do my stitching. Not wanting to waste any of the free time I had I decided to go through my finished box and see what I could find to put together. I came up with this little cutie that I stitched a long time ago and my spring row that I stitched earlier this year.

I have so many pieces that I have stitched that are stashed away in a box. I really need to spend more time finishing them off. Happy Stitching everyone. Hugs!