Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Catching Up!

Thanks to everyone for their kind get well wishes. I am feeling much better this week but not just 100% quite yet. I;ve been doing more reading than stitching. I have completed only one small snowman ornament in the past month and at present I am working on a small school themed design for one of my little mindees Jacob who is going to be starting school on Monday. I am a very proud stitching Mum though as I am delighted to say the Tatty Teddy piece at the top was stitched by my 15 year old daughter Heather as a gift for her friends birthday. She doesn;t stitch very often and I was quite anxious when she choose Tatty Teddy with all that grey and back-stitching but she has done a fabulous job. Two off her friends have also started stitching as well so I am hoping that they have caught the stitching bug and won;t be cured off it too soon...lol!
It seems like forever since we were on holiday but we had a lovely time in North Wales. The weather was the usual uk mixture of sunshine and showers. It was never really cold though and we visited some lovely places along the coast and lots of National Trust houses and gardens. It is back to work for me this week and the kids will be starting school on Monday so it will be back into the old routine from then. Heather will be entering her fifth year of High School and we were delighted when she gained five 1's and three 2's in her Standard Grade exams. She sat these exams in May and it was a very tense day last Tuesday as she waited for her results. Her next two years will be concentrating on her Higher Grades and then hopefully it will be off to University. Craig also passed all his first year exams at University but he won;t enter his second year of Architecture until the end of September. I'm just hoping that now he has his first year over the second won;t be quite as stressful.
I;m off to catch up on more blogs. Be back soon. Hugs!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Still here!

Sorry I haven;t been around but I have been sick with a really nasty chest and throat infection for more than two weeks now. Thankfully I have no kids this week so I am hoping to catch up on all my blog reading and attempt to get back into my stitching. Hope to catch up with everyone soon. Hugs!