Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Isn;t he gorgeous!

I got a lovely surprise today when the postman brought me this gorgeous chart from Linda at Lavender Wings. I entered the door-prize competition at the online needlework show and I was over the moon to get a chance to choose a chart of my choice from Lavender Wings. Please check out Lindas great designs at www.lavenderwings.com , you will be spoilt for choice. I don't have any stichy cash right now so I am gonna have to stitch my Santa with what I have in my stash. I'm sure he will turn out to be just as cute though.
My week hasn;t got off to a great start as my little two year old mindee got sick on Monday and I had to get Mum come pick her up early. Mum also gave me notice as she has got a new job with shift works so she doesn't need me anymore. My four year old isn;t returning until Friday after being off for five weeks and my eight year old only attends eight hours a week now. Like everyone else out there the credit crunch is really hitting home now. I have had no enquiries in the past six weeks and I;m trying not to get myself into a tizzy about where I am gonna find the cash to pay next months bills. Having no kids to take care of though gives me free stitching time , I am nearly finished Just Add Snow a lizzie kate design and even though I want to stitch more ornaments I might just have to start on my long-legged Santa. Happy Stitching!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

If there is anyone out there, I'm back!

Well here I am back once again to blogging. I have been away from my stitching and my pc for over a year now. My hubby bought me a new laptop in September and I have gradually being getting back online, chatting to old friends, browsing the message boards and checking out who is still out there in blogging land. I thought that my desire to stitch was gone forever but in the last few months I have been reading lots of stitchy blogs, browsing some of my old favourite stitching sites and looking through my boxes and boxes of stash. Rather than kick off with a new piece to stitch I decided to do some christmas ornaments that were in my ufo box. It wasn;t much fun to start with as I felt as though it was taking me forever to stitch a few rows but after a couple of weeks I am right back in the swing of it. I have completed four ufo's and completed two new ornaments and started on a third. Sadly my digi camera is out of action just now so I don;t have any recent pictures to post but I hate blogging without pictures on my page so I decided to post some of my pillows that I have completed since I started stitching in 2000.