Monday, 16 May 2011

A Snowman, A Quilt and some Flowers

I;m a bit late with this one but here is my April SAL piece. I;ve started to make it into a long pillow which hopefully will be stuffed and finished in a few days. We have decided to swap over from Christmas too Halloween for the next few months. Elaine has a lovely new black tree she needs to fill and I have a very limited amount off Halloween items that I want to add to. We are starting off with LK Spooky Patch. It;s a nice small design so hopefully I should manage to finish this one on time.

I forgot to show these in my last post. Way back in March my kids gave me some stash money for Mothers Day. While browsing I came across this great store on Etsy. I;m always a bit anxious when I order from the States but my lovely charts were here in jig time. Paula is a lovely lady and has a wonderful selection off goodies. Go on, take a look you know you want

The Summer Tea-party/Picnic Exchange that I am organising is now up and running. The response was wonderful and there are 27 people taking part. I;m still scratching my head figuring out what I am going to stitch but I can;t wait to see what everyone else is going to come up with.

This is my Mum;s first attempt at a Jellyroll quilt, doesn;t it look fab. She made this quilt for my Dad in his favourite football colours, red, black and white. Dad says it;s the best quilt she has ever made but each off the family members who have a quilt made by Mum think theres is the best too.

Well typically for Scotland our lovely spell off dry, sunny weather seems to have past. It;s done nothing but rain every day for about the past ten days now. As you can see the only ones enjoying it are the plants in my garden. Now don;t be greedy girls I know there will be some out there basking in the sun, please share it with the rest of

Well that is my ramblings for today. I hope everyone has a good week. Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Summer Exchange still time to sign-up!

Come on ladies the sign-ups for the Summer Tea-party/Picnic Exchange finishes tomorrow. You don;t want to miss out on all the fun. Check out for all the details. Fingers crossed I can entice a few more people. Hugs!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I'm Back!

Well here I am I haven't fallen off the planet, I;m still here... Thank you to everyone for the get well wishes, I;m slowly returning to my old-self a new me would have been better but your stuck with the old I can;t tell you how much I;ve missed reading all your blogs and drooling over all your beautiful work, be it stitching, quilting, knitting all sorts off crafts. I;m looking forward to catching up with it all.

I;m sure there can;t be anyone on the planet now who hasn;t heard about the little shindig here in Britain last Friday. The marriage off Prince William and Kate Middleton. It was such a beautiful Wedding, everything was just perfect. Myself, Heather, my Mum and my best friend Liz had a lovely tea-party and lunch to celebrate. I had decided at the last minute we should try and find some Wedding hats to wear but when I telephoned my Mum she said she didnt; think she had any. It was absolutely hilarious when her and my Dad arrived. As you can see from the photograph my Mum had come dressed as a Wedding guest. Doesn;t she look the part in her dress, stole, silver hand-bag, shoes, corsage, hat and pearls.

I just loved every stitch of this Homespun Elegance sheepy design, it has to be one of my favourite finishes. As usual it is stitched with threads from my stash and not as stated in the chart.

Sarah at Craftymoo gave me this cute pillow in an Exchange we did. I thought this little ladybird would be a perfect finish for it.

I've also recently been working on my BBD Wip Willow House. This is a before and after picture to show my progress. I'm really pleased how it is coming along, I just love the pretty colours.

My lovely stitching friend Michelle celebrated her Birthday this week. I just had to stitch her a little surprise. The pillow is from a freebie design I came across online and the heart is scented with lavender. Michelle was delighted with her gifts.

I had a wonderful suprise when my postman delivered this package. I was beginning to feel down with being sick for so long and it was a real pick-me-up. The lovely Myra had came across this Sheepy fabric in her stash and said she just had to make this project bag for me. She is such a sweetie, thank you so much Myra I just love it!

Over the past year I have been doing two private Exchanges with dear Cath at the Stitching Chicken and dear Pirjo in Finland. I have had such a wonderful time stitching and putting together all the packages for both of them. They have both gave me the most wonderful stitched pieces and so many bits and pieces to add to my stash but best of all I now have two wonderful new friends. These are the pictures of our final Exchange packages.

The lady-bird pillow and goodies were from myself to Cath.

Cath sent me this wonderful selection off goodies, the little hanging cupcake is so cute and my stitched cube is gorgeous. I just love how Cath has finished this.

Pirjo really spoiled me as well with so many wonderful pieces. I can;t wait to stitch the cute sheep kit and I just have to find a use for the sheep ribbon. My cute little chick pin-keep is so sweet and the two little hanging birds are just adorable.

The two little pillows and bits and bobs was the package I sent to Pirjo.

Last but not least these are the sent and received packages from the Spring/Easter Exchange that I organised. My partner Vicky sent me such a wonderful package. I can;t thank her enough she put so much thought in care into stitching me a purply sheep pillow, lilac evenweave, cute sheepy stitching chart, beautiful needlminder and a darling curly Sheep ornie that I named Vicky and has now joined my flock the ones I have in my in header picture. The whole Exchange was a great success and I;ve now set up a blog for more Exchanges The latest is a Summer Tea-party/Picnic Exchange sign-ups are open until next Wednesday.

Spring/Easter Exchange from Vicky.

My package for Vicky. I really enjoyed stitching the bunny and I was happy with my pillow finish.

Well I hope you have enjoyed catching up with me and even though I haven;t been around much I am delighted to see I have some new followers. I can;t believe I may hit the 200 mark soon. Thank you to each and everyone of you who read my ramblings and take the time to comment it really brightens my day. Hugs!

Monday, 2 May 2011


Just posted details off a new Exchange. Please check out Look forward to meeting friends old and new. I will be back with an up-date on what I have been up too soon. Hugs!

Thank you for the wonderful response so far but please if you want to sign-up do not EMAIL me at my own address it must be the Exchanges one at