Sunday, 27 April 2008

New Finish

Well my week-end has been mostly taken up with stitching and putting together this pillow. I saw the idea on someone elses blog and thought I would have a go. The only part I am not happy with is I forgot to turn in the top and bottom ends of my stitching so it is kind of frayed looking. Guess I have learned for the next time.

Friday, 25 April 2008

This and that!

At long last there seems to be some signs of spring in my garden. Our weather has been much drier and temps are starting to slowly move up now. I can;t wait until it is warm enough to be able to sit outside in the garden at night with my stitching or a good book.
Sadly I didn;t get to start stitching my Happy Mooed chart. I was all set when I discovered I didn;t have any 32count fabric so it will have to go back to the bottom of the box. Instead I have started a little freebie called Bee Mine by Barbara Ana. It should stitch up real quick.
I also want to say thank you so much to everyone who takes the time to read my blog and post comments. I really appreciate it.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

My first Biscournu

Well I didn't throw my biscournu in the bin. I thought it turned out okay and I will be attempting another one later in the year. Thanks to Lori for enabling me, I have already purchased a snowman biscornu chart by BarbaraAna and a few other designs from a wonderful site she told me about called Creative Poppy. You just pay for your charts then a few minutes later you can download them. I printed off the ones I ordered last night and I was very pleased with them. I;ve decided to stitch Happy Moood by Barbara Ana next, so I am off to get it kitted up so I can get it started soon.


Monday, 21 April 2008

Yay, it;s finished!

Sorry I don;t have a picture yet but I finished my first biscornu tonight. I really enjoyed stitching this and I was surprised at how easy it was to put together. I should be able to post a picture tomorrow. Now what to do next?


Sunday, 20 April 2008


Finally had some time to do some stitching. This is the top piece of my first attempt at a biscournu. The other piece should be stitched tonight and all being well I will attempt to put it together later this week. If it turns out okay I will post a picture otherwise it will be in the bin.
It is back to work and school here tomorrow, so I probably won't have as much time to get online. I;ve really enjoyed reading everyones blogs and having more time to chat. Hugs!

Friday, 18 April 2008

Needlework show

I've been so busy this week that at night-time I have been too tired to pick up my stitching. I thought that being on holiday for a week I would at least have a few days to just sit and stitch but once I started clearing out all the clutter I just found more and more stuff to do.
I did manage though to get a look at the online needlework show and these are a few designers which are new to me that I really must add to my stash.

This design is by Country Garden Stitchery and is called Rememberance. I just love the pretty colours in this piece.
Check out the website at.

This design is called Love Me by Hands to Work. Another really pretty chart which I think would be really pretty for a wedding or engagment chart with names and dates added.

Last one is another really pretty design by a french company Tom and Lily Creations and is called Heart. They have got lots of charts that I would love to add to my stash but the really frustrating thing is it would be cheaper for me to buy them from the States than getting them sent directly from France. Crazy or what?

Hope the links work. Hugs!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

No Stitching & Aching feet!

Now this is my dream bath-tub, how I wish I could just jump in and relax for a few hours. I;ve been out shopping all day so my feet are killing me...
My son is having his bed-room re-decorated so we spent a whole three hours in Ikea. Being male he just couldn't make a decision one way or another about what he wanted. All that time and the only item we ordered for him was a new bed. My day wasn't quite a complete waste though as I managed to pick up lots off boxes to try and clear up my stash cupboard. I'm hoping to have a major clear out in the next few days so make sure you check out my picturetrail for sale or trade album.
I have started on my biscournu design but I have had no time since Sunday to pick it up, hopefully I will be able to grab a few hours tomorrow.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Stitching Sunday

Two finishes to post today, my chicken and sheep. My plan is at some point to stitch another sheep and then try and find some farmyard fabric to frame around them.
I've found a little chart called Nosegay by Just Nan which I am going to attempt to make into a biscournu. I;m not a very fast stitcher so this will probably take me all week to complete. I should have extra stitching time though as the schools are still on spring break here and this week the only kids I have are my own.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Another day!

I don;t have any stitching pictures to post so I thought I would show some pictures that my husband took last year. He recently joined a camera club and was delighted to win first prize with the above entries. I;m not a big bee fan but even though I am biased I have to say the pictures mounted and framed look stunning.

I didn;t get as much free stitching time as I thought this week. I finished one small chicken design from Rico book 84 and I am just about to back-stitch a sheep. Think I have got a bit of a farmyard theme I;ve also printed off some online freebie charts and I am looking forward to my first attempt at a biscornu.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Two Finishes..

I am not very happy with my pictures as I dont have my photoshop programme on this computer. The one that is on here sucks. Anyway this is Here I am all ready for the name and date to be inserted. Baby girl The colours have turned out really pretty. I love stitching with katies kloths threads and look forward to the day I can add some more to my stash. The fabric looks white but it is actually a really pale pink.

I have added a list of blogs to my page. I spent hours at the week-end reading through them all. I just love hearing and seeing pictures of what other people are stitching. Once I get my stitching albums sorted out I can hopefully link them in here along with a new wish list. I haven;t made a list for ages and recently I have seen so many new charts that I would love to have. Two new designers at the top of my list are Helga Mandl and Barbara Ana.

My second finish this week is Home is where we share by Lizzie Kate. I once again used the GAST colours that I had in my stash. I now need to find a little silver heart charm to hang above the door. My little "mindees" are moving to a new home soon so I thought this would be a nice gift for them.

I haven't decide what my next project will be yet. The kids are on holiday for two weeks now, so I should have a lot of extra time to stitch. Do I choose lots of small pieces or something large? Check back soon to find out what I have choosen.