Saturday, 30 January 2010

My latest finish is my version of this freebie design from Barbara Ana It was real fun to stitch up. I love all these types of cute whimsical designs and one of my next kitted up pieces is another Barbara Ana chart called Wake Me Up In A Happy Moood. As well as collecting snowmen I also collect cows and this design is a really cute cow stitched up in lovely bright colours. I am itching to get this started but first I am doing my February monthly sal piece. Elaine chose the chart this time and it is Happy Hearts Day by San Man Originals. It is another really cute design that is stitching up quite quick. I will post some wip pictures as soon as I recharge my camera.

Thanks to everyone for the get well wishes this week, my cold is much better. I am still without heating though as the new part they tried yesterday didn';t fix it. Fingers crossed that my brother can fix it for us tomorrow and we don;t have to go out and buy a whole new heater.

We are big Andy Murray fans in this house, so we are hoping that he is going to win his first major tournament tomorrow at the Australian Open. The 22 year old scot would be the first British player to win a major in 74 years. GO ANDY GO GO GO!!!!!!

Hope everyone is having a good week-end and is able to get lots of time to stitch, stitch, stitch. Hugs.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Just a quick post to show a piccy of my finish. I don;t know why some of the threads look yellow but they are actually all green. I need to purchase some green fabric and find some way to finish it off. On to the next one..... Hugs!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Small finish & wip!

Thank you so much to everyone for the hugs and get well wishes. I am still suffering from a yucky cold and we can't get the part to fix our heater until some time next week. I have been snuggling up in my fleecy snowman blanket and stitching to keep warm. This is a small pinkeep that I completed a few days ago and here is my latest wip.

This design is from the Naughty but nice cross-stitch book I received at Christmas , you can see a picture of it if you look at my post blogging and my santa stash. It is a fun chart and seems to be stitching up quite quick. Hope everyone is having a good week-end, hugs!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Mrs Grumpy needs a hug!

Sorry I am very grumpy and miserable today and I really do need a hug. Our storage heater in the living-room broke yesterday and it won;t be fixed until next week. I am all wrapped up with my winter woolies and fleecy blanket but I am still cold and to really cheer me up I woke up this morning with a cough, runny nose and sore throat. Just hope this isn't an omen to how 2010 is going to be for me.
I have been stitching on a tiny little square freebie design as I still can;t decide on my next major project. I;ve been through my stash a few times but nothing is jumping out right now saying stitch me, stitch me. Hopefully something will grab me soon.
We have watched the new blu-ray movies I bought at the week-end. I was quite disappointed in The Taking of Pelham 123, it just didn;t have same excitement as the original. Travolta and Washington were good but it was just an okay movie. Now District 9, well I was expecting your normal sorta sc-fi movie but this is filmed like a documentary. It took me a good while to get into it and it was rather gory in parts but I have to say it deserves all the credits and high reviews as it turned out to be a great movie.
Well I am off to walk to nursery now to pick up my little mindee, I reckon it is going to be warmer outside than in hear today. Hugs!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Let it Snow is finished!

Well thank goodness this is finished as it gave me a few headaches, I reckon that little fairy was cross at me as I was stitching her. It started off really well but then every time I picked it up I found myself making mistakes. I am really glad it is done and I can move on to something new. Isn't it just awful that instead of doing housework I will have to drag myself upstairs and spend a few hours playing with my stash and kitting up my next project...hehehe!
I ended up buying my hubby a new blu-rayer player on Saturday for his birthday tomorrow. The selection of blu-ray discs are still quite limited here, I bought The Taking of Pelham 123 and District 9. I love the orginal Pelham movie and Denzil Washington and John Travolta are two of my favourite actors so I am hoping this movie doesn't disappoint. Hugs!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Week-end is nearly here!

Can;t believe the week-end is upon us again, this week has just flown in. I usually find that January is a really slow month but the days are just disappearing quickly for me just now. I spent most of my morning fixing laundry and tidying up around the house. After lunch I watched an episode of Numbers and worked on my Let it Snow piece. It is coming along quite quickly and I may even get it finished this week-end. I also spent a few hours clearing out my stitching stash cupboard. I have such a huge pile of finished items that need made up into something or framed. I did plan to do a couple of these each month but I never seem to get around to it. It makes me sad when I see them all lying there in the box and I sometimes wonder why did I bother stitching them. It was fun though to discover some charts and kits that I forgot I had purchased. I also have some stuff that I am going to be selling or putting up for a giveaway on my blog. So watch this space soon.
I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow and to find a card and present for my hubbys birthday on Tuesday. I just wish I had a clue what I am going to buy him, men are so difficult to buy for.
Maybe I should just treat him to lunch tomorrow. Hope everyone has a nice week-end. Hugs!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Can;t believe it - more snow!

When I went to bed all these trees and bushes in my garden were green , couldn;t believe it this morning when I woke up to more snow.....arrrrgghhhhh. I arrived home this afternoon to find some baby diggers in my street ploughing up the snow, thought this is great they are doing something at last but as I tried to walk to my house the diggers had piled a mountain of snow all the way across the road so I had to walk on the deep snow on the pavement. But as I walked down the street one of the diggers decided to go up the pavement so there was no where for me to go but into the deep snow on the grassway at the side of the pavement. As I stepped into the snow down I went face first whole body,sprawled out like an idiot. As you can imagine the words that came from my mouth were not ladylike at Thankfully I didn;t do any major damage, I just felt sick for about an hour after it happened and the palm of my hand has been throbbing. I'm just praying now that the weather forecaster have got it right for once and there is going to be a major thaw in the next few days. I haven't had a chance to stitch today but here is a picture of my wip on my Let it Snow. Hopefully I will get a chance to get lots more done tonight and tomorrow when I am child free.
Happy Stitching!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Finish & Blog Pictures!

Here is my Let It Snow january SAL finish. I got the idea to take the photograph outside from someone elses blog, sorry can;t remember who but thanks to them anyway if they read my blog.
Also Elaine if you are reading this please come along and let me know how you are getting on with your january piece.
I have spent a lot of the week-end reading and commenting on lots of new blogs and adding them to my list. There are wonderful inspirational blogs out there. Once again I would like to thank any one who takes the time to read my blog and especially to those who are kind enough to comment. It really brightens my day when people have taken the time to let me know they are reading my blog.
I have to confess that the beautiful swan loch picture on my last post and the bird on my home page are both photographs that I have taken from the bbc website. They ask people to send in
local images around Scotland. There are some amazing photographs, here is the link if anyone would like to look
Well now I have caught up on my housework, emails and blogging I am off to stitch. Hugs!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

This is the local loch not far from my home, isn;t it pretty. I love the snow, I am a snowman addict but we are just not used to having snow that lasts for weeks and weeks. I am sooooo fed up with it now. My hubby struggles to get the car in the driveway, I have to walk 2 miles each day with my job and I am so worried that I am gonna fall and seriously hurt myself. It needs to melt now. My next stitching project just says it all. It is from my new book and it is a little cross angel with lots of snowflakes with the saying Let It Snow Somewhere
My SAL piece is finished, will post a picture tomorrow. Happy Stitching!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Blogging & My Santa Stash

First of all thank you , thank you so much to everyone who has left me comments. I just love it when someone takes the time to visit and leave me a comment. I can't believe I got a whole 10 in my last post, now I know that isn't a lot to some bloggers out there but to me thats amazing.
What did help though is I just joined a yahoo group called Stitchingbloggers and some of the ladies from there were kind of enough to come over and say hi. Here is the link if anyone else out there is interested
I am nearly finished my Let it Snow sal piece, just a few beads to add then it will be all complete. Hopefully should have a picture to post tomorrow or Sunday.

This is my Santa stash, I got Lizzie Kates Don't get your tinsel in a tangle, It;s a girl thing, Tiny tidings XIV, Shepherds Bush Be Merry, needle threader, needles , beads , fabric and some gorgeous purply scissors.
I also got this book which has some great fun charts that I am looking forward to stitching. I thought they were so good I would share some pictures with you.

Hope everyone has a great week-end. Hugs!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A New Year!

Hope everyone out there in blogland had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. I had a lovely quiet time with my family and got lots of lovely gifts including some new stitching stash.
My first finish off 2010 is this Snow chart from Shepherds Bush which I stitched in my own colours. I will probably make it up into a small pillow sometime in the next few months.

This year I am also taking part in a monthly stitch-a-long with my stitching sister Elaine (shutterbuglady) from Wisconsin. After a lucky dip draw we both have a list of months which we have to choose the chart that we are both going to stitch. We must stitch the chart using different colours threads or fabric so that it varies from the original design. I got to choose January so our first design is Let It Snow by Holly House Designs. The original chart is stitched with Krenik braid and filament, I am using Weeks Dye Works Sea Foam and Tropical Island by Stranded by the Sea. I'm afraid my picture isn't very clear because the fabric and the threads are so pale so it didn't photograph very well. This is my wip.

Everyone has gone back to work and school today but we still have lots of snow on the ground so the roads and pavements are pretty scary. Tomorrow will be the first day that I need to attempt walking to school and I am not looking forward to it. The pavements are piled high with ice and snow as there is a shortage of salt, so no pavements have been gritted at all. I need to get me a Hugs!