Friday, 13 November 2009

A finish and a sad good-bye

I had a lovely quiet day yesterday so I managed to get quite a few hours stitching done. My joy design is nearly finished, all I need is some cream colour seed beads. Typically when I checked my stash I had every colour of bead you could imagine but no cream. I can feel a trip to hobbycraft coming I had intended my next project to be another Lizzie Kate design but when I saw the cute snowman freebie from that Clare had stitched on her blog I just had to go print it out and kit it up.

Sadly this afternoon I need to say good-bye to my little two year old mindee Sam. I have looked after her 45 hrs a week since February, so she has really become part of the family. As a two year old at times she has been quite a handful and a real challenge but she is very lovable and is forever giving you kisses and cuddles. I am so going to miss her.

Joey giraffe and Horace bear are two cuddly toys that have been part of the family for quite a few years now. They sit on a box in my living-room and all the children I have looked after love to play with them. Sam just adores Horace and plays and cuddles him all day. She has become really attached to him and it won;t be easy for her settling into a new childminders home so Horace is going to be going with her. We are all going to miss him, especially his friend Joey but I'm sure Sam will take great care of him and he will meet many new children who will share and love him. Bye-bye Horace xxx


Clare - Aimetu said...

Lovely finish - I'm not surprised you kitted up the snowman he is cute. I'm sure you'll miss the little one but I'm also sure you have some great memories to hold :)

Daffycat said...

Wonderful near-finish. Well crap, you have to go stash shopping, I really feel for you! ROFLOL

Rachel S said...

What a lovely gift for her. Your WIP is coming along nicely!