Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Few Finishes

When I came back to my stitching recently I decided that I really had to try and do something with all those stitched pieces that were finished but just piled up in a box in the back of the cupboard. I raided my stash and found this cute little tuck pillow and snowman button so one down just a few hundred to go...lol.

This little ornie is the first piece I have stitched for a year and thankfully it has got my stitching mojo back. The design is from the uk Cross-stitcher magazine. I am now working on a really cute freebie design using vikki clayton silks. It is stitching up really quickly but I can't tell you what it is or show any pictures as its a gift for another stitchy blogger.

I haven;t had a great start to this week as I have been in a lot of pain the past few days with my gallstones. I was diagnosed a few years ago but its only in the past three months that I have started having really bad attacks again. I managed to get an appointment with my GP next Monday so hopefully he will contact my consultant and get me moving on the waiting list to get them removed. My two year olds Mum has also given me notice to leave next Friday. I am really going to miss her, it is so difficult when you take a child into your heart and home and then they have to leave. Saying good-bye is the hardest part of my job.



Daffycat said...

Wonderful finishes! I really love the pillow ornament ~ stunning!

Hope you feel better soon, hun!

scotstwinmum said...

Welcome back Elaine , your stitching is as always lovely.


Clare - Aimetu said...

Great stitching - you are certainly on a roll