Friday, 18 April 2008

Needlework show

I've been so busy this week that at night-time I have been too tired to pick up my stitching. I thought that being on holiday for a week I would at least have a few days to just sit and stitch but once I started clearing out all the clutter I just found more and more stuff to do.
I did manage though to get a look at the online needlework show and these are a few designers which are new to me that I really must add to my stash.

This design is by Country Garden Stitchery and is called Rememberance. I just love the pretty colours in this piece.
Check out the website at.

This design is called Love Me by Hands to Work. Another really pretty chart which I think would be really pretty for a wedding or engagment chart with names and dates added.

Last one is another really pretty design by a french company Tom and Lily Creations and is called Heart. They have got lots of charts that I would love to add to my stash but the really frustrating thing is it would be cheaper for me to buy them from the States than getting them sent directly from France. Crazy or what?

Hope the links work. Hugs!


~*~Julie~*~ said...

Oh Lainey! You're such an enabler! I definitely just added more to my "have to have" list just from your post. Thank you! I think? =)


lori said...

lainey, that is another of Tom and Lily designs that I love, hearts just make me smile!