Wednesday, 26 March 2008

More ramblings!

Well the easter bunny has come and gone. He very kindly left me my favourite chocolate buttons egg, which I have scoffed most off already.. It was a lovely relaxing week-end. I didn;t venture outside at all. I chatted online with my stitching "sisters", surfed the web, stitched and watched tv. I really should have been doing some spring cleaning as I've got that I hate my home syndrome just now. There so much junk lying around, I feel as if the walls are shrinking and the cupboards are over-flowing. A major clear out needs to happen soon. I plan to have dinner then settle down to a few hours stitching. I should be finished the piece I am working on soon (shhh its a secret) then I am going to start on a baby chart called Here I am by SamSarah designs. Can't believe how much stitching I am getting through just now. Lisa I know you are going to be stitching some cows soon, thought this picture might give you some inspiration to get your butt in! Hugs

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Lisa said...

AND there I am!!! Lovely pic of me don't ya think. Thank you for the inspiration Elaine. I will start the cows soon.