Saturday, 8 March 2008

Catching Up Again!

Well as you can see my life is so exciting the last time I posted on here was October 2007. Christmas and New Years has gone in a flash and here we are already in March. Apart from having a rare night out in
February to celebrate my brothers Silver Wedding I have been working, reading and stitching, stitching, stitching.

I have completed Flora Greenleaf from Calico Crossroads, a small 18th birthday pillow and the four seasons spots by the Trilogy. I really should pick up Crysantha Mumford by Calico Crossroads as I started her in January but had to put her aside until I could afford some krenik thread to complete her wings. I do now have the thread but I am just not ready to finish her. I am itching to do something new but no idea what. Guess I might spend tomorrow raiding my stash or maybe I should buy something new, what do you think girls?

1 comment:

shutterbug said...

You're back! Yeah! Glad to see you blogging so I can try to keep up with you even when I never get a chance to chat. :o( Post often!
Hugs, Elaine