Saturday, 11 August 2012

Winning ways and stitches!


It is so nice to have some good news to post. I was shocked recently when I opened my email and discovered I had won the lovely Vinniey's amazing give-away. If you haven;t already seen Cottage Garden Samplings gorgeous designs please visit and wish Vinniey good luck with her new business.

Well what an amazing few weeks it has been for an armchair sports fan like myself. Every spare minute I;ve had I;ve been glued to my tv jumping up and down like a demented This has to be one of the best Olympics I have been able to view. The GB team has been amazing! I can;t believe the closing ceremony is upon us already but I;m sure the Paraolympics that begin in a few weeks time will be just as exciting. Go team GB!

As you can see I didn;t win my event for stitching and finishing my Olympic project. I found my mojo for a few days but it ran off to London and never came

Apologises for the poor photograph but I forgot to take one before it was framed. This is the Wedding present I was asked to make by a family friend to take to their nephews wedding in Ireland. Like a few others I was concerned how it was going to turn out with the wedding colours being black and white. I used a silver grey evenweave with DMC and krenik threads. I was very happy with how it looked but personally I would chosen a mount board for the finish. I can;t wait to hear what the bride and groom think of their unusual present.

We recently had a British themed exchange on my StitchedwithLove exchange group. It was only open to residents in the UK. My dear friend Edit was disappointed not to join so we decided to do a personal exchange. Edit sent me this lovely Hungarian-Spanish package. Edit;s pillows are always so beautifully finished. The stitching and blue fabric are so pretty. I was so thrilled when I saw this lovely white fan. It took me back to my childhood. For many, many years I had a spanish doll and a red fan displayed in my bedroom. Thank you so much Edit for a wonderful exchange.

This is the package of British/Scottish goodies I sent in return. Thistles are one of my favourite flowers and this is the third time I;ve stitched this framed  design.

For anyone interested their is a new Animal Antics exchange at StitchedwithLove. Details on the blog Hope you can come join in the fun. 

Thank you too everyone who has sent the prayers and wishes for Ians Mum. Finally after six doctors looking at her x-rays and chopping and changing their minds they decided she hadn;t broken her hip after all. Her pain meds have been altered and she seemed much brighter and alert while in hospital but in the past few days she has become very down again. As a family we feel sheltered housing is no longer meeting her needs and she would have a much better quality of life in a nursing home, the fight goes on....

Finally thank you to everyone who took part in my give-away. It was great fun reading all those answers to the questions I posed. 


Congratulations Chris your goodies will be winging their way across the Atlantic soon.
I hope everyone is having a nice week-end. I look forward to this weeks news and stitches. Hugs!


Michelle said...

Beautiful exchanges Elaine - glad to hear your mum-in-law is doing ok. Congratulations to Chris x

Shirlee said...

Lovely exchanges Lainey ... & a lovely start/finish as well! Continuing to pray for your MIL. Congrats to Chris!

cucki said...

So glad to hear that your mil is doing well..
Beautiful exchange gifts...
Congratulations to Chris .
Hugs x

Cath said...

Congrats on your win . Love your exchange goodies . Hope things get sorted for Ians' Mum , it's a long time coming .XXX

Lesleyanne said...

Gorgeous exchanges both sent and received. Glad your MIL is a bit better. Congrats to Chris.

butterfly said...

Your wedding stitching was beautiful. Just love the way you blended those hard colours great job.
Congrat's to sweet Chris and yourself , winning is always so much fun.
Your exchange stitching's were also great.
Have a fab day. Hugs.

♥ Nia said...

Congrats on your win! :)
You always have lovely exchanges to show us :D

Annette said...

Congratz on winnig!!!
You have been doing al kinds of things!!
Love the presents!!
I will trow some mojo to you.. I have to much of it!!

Mylene said...

What lovely exchanges received. Congrats on your win.

Annie said...

The Olympics have been fun to watch this year, even though in the States we all know the results before we get to see the events!

Love the wedding piece. That is a real treasure.

Fun exchange packages too plus a big win! Lucky you.

Glad to hear the MIL hip is not broken and she's doing a bit better.

Valma said...

how lucky you are to have won, it was a so super giveaway =)
and congrats to Chris
you had a wonderful exchange again, your stitched thistle is wonderful
have a great week

Catherine said...

Wonderful post , Lainey! Congrats to Chris for winning your goodies and Whoo~hoo on your win!! Aren't Vinniey's designs so cute!! Such a sweet exchange you had with Edit.
I think there were many of us that were so in to watching the Olympics that our stitching took a back seat. Job well done to England for being such amazing hosts!
Your wedding project turned out lovely!
Continued thoughts to you and your family concerning Ian's mum. Taking care of one's parents and making sure they are okay is not an easy task.

Penny said...

Congratulations on the giveaway win! You stitched a lovely wedding present! And those exchanges - wow!! you both received some wonderful things! Will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Carol said...

Lovely wedding gift, Lainey--I know the lucky couple will cherish it. And congratulations on your giveaway win...Also to Chris for winning yours!

Love your gifts from Edit as well as the ones you sent her...

Good to hear that Ian's mom is improving. It is so very hard to watch our dear parents age and decline, isn't it?

Chris said...

I Won!!! Thank so much Lainey! I am so excited and will start loitering at the post office by my mailbox in anticipation.
The other exchanges are wonderful. You do such great themes! you inspire me all the time.

Maureen said...

The sampler looks great in the black and white theme. Gives it a very classic look.

Fiona said...

Congratulations on your win. I loved watching the Olympics too. Your stitching is coming along great. I like the wedding gift, I think it is very striking and contemporary. Your exchange with Edit looks filled with great goodies.

Carin said...

Congrts on your winning that amazing prize !!!
I also like that wedding sampler you stitched, its beautiful.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I enjoyed catching up with your recent posts, the flower photos on your visit are just lovely and congratulations on your win.

Brigitte said...

Congratulations on your win. You must be trhilled!
Yes, the British team was just terrific during the Olympics. I didn't watch a lot, I'm more into the Winter Olympics. But I read every detail in the newspapers the following days.
The exchnage you were doing with Edit looks so great. Both exchange gifts are so beautiful and woth all these lovely goodies.

Anne said...

Big congrats on your win Elaine!! Those are some lovely exchanges you received and sent! That thistle pillow you made is beautiful!! Glad to hear your MIL is doing a bit better!

Edit said...

I am glad you liked the things I picked for you Elaine. The package you sent me is really great, I loved everything in it. Thank you so much for our exchange!

The wedding picture turned out really beautiful and about the Olympics, we were following it too and this time it was especially fun as we could support two countries, so "won" more medals :)

Have a great weekend!

Kaisievic said...

I love the wedding sampler - so unusual. Interesting post, thank you.

Rachel S-H said...

What lovely things! the wedding piece is beautiful, I have never seen a black and white wedding sampler!