Thursday, 26 July 2012

A mixture of sorts and a give-away!

Hello to anyone who; still here following my very infrequent posts. I really appreciate anyone who still visits and takes the time to leave me a comment. 
Just for a change let me start with some good news. A few weeks ago my DH and myself got away on a last minute much needed break. We stayed in this wonderful cottage near Perth. The weather wasn;t great but that didn;t stop us getting out and visiting a few lovely places. Our first stop was Branklyn Gardens in Perth.

On our second day we were travelling through the village of Dunning when we noticed this monument at the side of the road. We were very surprised when we stopped to view it to discover what it was for. We discovered later as you see here there is quite a mystery to it.

After lunch on the same day we visited Falkland Palace. Mary Queens of Scots was a regular visitor here and the Royal Tennis courts are supposed to be the oldest surviving Royal tennis courts in the world.


On our travels home from our break we stopped in Queensferry when we spotted this huge cruise liner berthed under the Forth Railway bridge. My DH would love to go on a cruise but I;m a girl who likes her feet firmly on the shore line.

I haven;t done any stitching since I finished my Wedding piece a few weeks ago. My mojo has gone walkabout just now. I;m going to try and revive it with a new start to work on during the Olympic Games. This is Delivering Posies by Homespun Elegance. Off course as usual it will be done in my own colours.

As our Olympic Jubilee stitches exchange is now complete I can share the package I sent to Janet and the one I received from Christina.

I was crying and squealing with delight when I opened this amazing assortment of treats from Christina. Isn;t the snowman just adorable. Christina even put our initials off our country flags on the reverse (I forgot to take a photo but you can see one on her blog). I;m going to use the tins for storing my stitchy stuff. The china mug is being displayed in my unit and the cute Snowman chart will be on my christmas stitching list this year. I was also over the moon when I saw Christina had sent me some off Natalys gorgeous pins. I've admired them for so long and just never thought I would be lucky enough to have some of them. So many other wonderful treats were included as well. Christina I can;t thank you enough you put so much thought and care into this wonderful package.

This is the Exchange that I sent to my partner Janet. I really struggled to find a chart so I decided to alter a Lizzie Kate chart that I had in my stash. My DD Heather made the ribbon for me.

Finally if your still with me I;m sure you will be aware that tomorrow this years Olympic Games will be held in London. Even though I;m up here in Scotland I;m  very proud that the Games will take place in Britain. I'm looking forward to so many events and I hope all the British sports men and women fulfill their dreams  To celebrate I;m having a give-away.  Everyone can enter but if the winner is overseas the package will be sent by surface mail. You will receive the Flag Tin, Stitched Frame and all extras.The winner will be drawn on Sunday 5th August. You must answer all the questions and make sure if you don;t have blog that you leave me your email address. For a second entry post on your blog about the give-away. 

1. Favourite Olympian

2. Favourite Olympian Event

3. Favourite British Place to Visit

4. Favourite British Food

5. Favourite British Film/Tv Programme

6. Favourite British Actor/Actress



Kaisievic said...

Hi Lainey,

Great post - although as I am reading this early morning in Australia, at first I thought that you were talking about Perth, W.A. - I was quite wondering how we managed to have a witch burning before European settlement of Australia - Duh! How dumb am I? I have never been to Scotland but would love to visit - Mary, Queen of Scots is rather a favourite of mine. Thanks for taking me on your mini break with you.

Now, please enter me in your giveaway, I will post about it on the sidebar of my blog and here are the answers to your questions:

1. Favourite Olympian
Lauren Jackson (Australian basketballer who has just been chosen to carry the Australian flag in the Opening Ceremony

2. Favourite Olympian Event
Any gymnastics event

3. Favourite British Place to Visit
Either Tower of London or Hampton Court Palace

4. Favourite British Food
Roast Beef with all of the trimmings

5. Favourite British Film/Tv Programme
Doctor Who and Spooks

6. Favourite British Actor/Actress
Oh, so hard to choose - Kenneth Branagh maybe - I love his Hamlet

Thanks for the great giveaway.

hugs, Kaye

Peggy said...

1. Michael Phelps
2. Volleyball
3. Tower of London (some day I hope)
4. Trifle
5. Simon Baker
Thanks for a chance to win.

Vicky said...

I to thought you meant Perth WA and was thinking it would have been great to catch up LOL (still early morning here and coffee needs to kick in!)

1. If netball was an olympic sport it would be the NZ netball team.

2. Equestrian events

3. Whitby

4. Fish and Chips from Four Cross Roads in Lincolnshire

5. Coronation Street

6. Alan Rickman

Anne said...

Lovely photos of your spontaneous trip! Oooh you got to walk where Mary, Queen of Scots did! Great gift from Christina too.

1. Mary Lou Retton (don't know many Olympian names)
2. Gymnastics
3. Would love to visit Hever Castle, former home of Anne Boleyn
4. Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding
5. Downtown Abbey!!
6. Alan him!!

Lesleyanne said...

Great pictures from your trip. Look forward to seeing your olympic start. Hope your mojo comes back soon. Gorgeous exchanges sent and received.
1. Torvill and Dean.
2. Tennis
3. Hampton Court
4. Roast Chicken with all the trimmings.
5. Downton Abbey.
6. David Tennant

cucki said...

Aww very lovely picture of your trip:)
1) Michael phelps
2) tennis
3)Tower of London
4)Ice cream
5)Downtown abbey
6)alan rickman
Thank you xxx
My email

Valma said...

Ho my ! what a wonderful post...
great pictures
I'm so found of your country !!!
I'm sure that in another life I was a Scot =D
Ho yes I was
I went many times to Scotland (10 I think...) , even if the weather is not always great it's a real enchantment to be there

May I enter your giveaway ? =)
1 - Romain Girouille (archer)
2 - Archery (I play myself)
3 - Isle of Skye
4 - Shortbread =)
5 - The Persuaders - Jack the ripper
6 - Michael Caine

thank you

Chris said...

Hey Lainey!
I am so glad that you had such a wonderful getaway. Thanks for taking me with you through all your beautiful pics.
The last exchange was wonderful. I love seeing how creative everyone is and how the interpret the giveaway theme.
I am hoping to watch some of the olympics too.
Here goes my entry :)

1-My grandfather-Jack Medica- Gold medal in 400m freestyle 1936
2-I love watching gymnastics
3-Anywhere.. I have been to London and to some other daytrips outside the city. I really want to travel to Scotland.
4-scones :)
5-Pride and Prejudice :)
6-Alan Rickman, but really there are too many to count.

Fun, fun!

Catherine said...

Oh Lainey, I am so glad to see that you and your hubby were finally able to have some time away. From your photos, it looks like a wonderful trip. Thanks for think to read more about Maggie Wall. Very interesting!
Your exchanges, given and received are wonderful! Love all the goodies.
Fun giveaway and questions. Let's see....
1. So many, it's hard to pick. Do the horses in the equestrian categories count?
2. Love to watch it all ~ so many amazing athletes.
3. Other than then UK part of EPCOT in Disney, I haven't been, so I'd love to visit anywhere!!
4. Anything roasted ~ beefs chicken, fish&chips, scones...all yummy!
5. Downton Abbey
6. So many ~ but I'll go with the Downton Abbey theme, Dame Maggie Smith..

Oh, I do hate picking favorites, can you tell!?!

Bette said...

What lovely pictures! It sounds like you and your DH had a wonderful time.

1). Michelle Kwan
2). Gymnastics
3). Stonehenge
4). Fish & Chips
5). Dr. Who
6) Michael Caine or Matt Smith

Thanks so much for offering this.


Melissa said...

Hi Laniey,

Happy to hear you and the hubby were able to find a getaway for a while. Nothing like a few quiet days without obligations to worry about!

I love your exchange goodies! What would we do without such an amazing organizer of these fabulous exchanges!?!?

I'd love to be entered into your giveaway please too :)

1) Clara Hughes - Both a winter and summer games competitor and is a role model and legend here in Canada.
2) My fav summer event is rowing! We Canadians rock in this category, thus I love watching it haha. My favourite winter event is (living up to the sterotype) Hockey, but I also LOVE couples figureskating too.

3. Oooooo I'm planning a trip to the UK and Ireland for next summer. Right now I just cannot wait to see London. But if there are any other MUST see places in the England please share with me :)

4. Fish and Chips!

5. Does Harry Potter count?

6. Hugh Grant!

Now I'm off to post this on my sidebar!

Thanks a mil!


Carol said...

I'm so glad you and your husband were able to get away, Lainey--you certainly deserved it :) What gorgeous sights you saw!!

Of course, I love the Delivering Posies you'll be stitching. Can't wait to see your version... And what a great exchange--on both sides. The little chart you altered is adorable-just perfect!!

Not entering your giveaway, but I know one of your readers will be very happy. I'm so looking forward to viewing the Olympic coverage :)

newfie princess said...

Lovely to see your holiday pictures!

1. Canadian Sailing Team
2. Sailing
3. Isle of Mann
4. Bangers and Mash
5. Are You Being Served (actually so many as I was brought up watching Britsh televlsion)
6. Judi Dench

Thanks for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

favourite olympian: usain bolt from jamaica. favourite olympian event: the starting parade, the starting feast. favourite british place to visit: the Tower bridge in London. favourite food: fish and chips!!! favourite film: the telefilms on Miss Marple. favourite actor: Hugh grant!!! my name is titty, i hope to win this give away! kisses

lynda said...

What a great giveaway...I would love a chance to enter.
..fave Olympian: Mariel Zagunis (she's a local girl)
...fave event: swimming/diving
...fave place to visit: Hill Top Farm (Beatrix Potter's home)
...fave food: scones
...fave film/tv: The man Who Would be King/The Vicar of Dibley
...fave actor/actress: Sean Connery/Maggie Smith

Thanks for the change!

(I'll post on my blog too)

Michelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michelle said...

Sorry I posted the first message and then hit publish the comment as I was half way through it!

Stunning photos thanks for sharing them with us.

Lovely giveaway my friend - thank you for the opportunity to enter - so here goes:

1. Favourite Olympian - Sir Steve Redgrave

2. Favourite Olympian Event - Archery

3. Favourite British Place to Visit - Cheddar Gorge (don't ask me why but I fall in love with this place everytime I go)

4. Favourite British Food - Good Old Jacket Potatoes with lots of butter and bangers

5. Favourite British Film/Tv Programme - Downton Abbey

6. Favourite British Actor/Actress
- has to be Colin Firth

Pike said...

me, me! As a teacher of English and London as my second hometown, please, me :)
1. Favourite Olympian
Arsi Harju, gold in Sydney shot put - my former student :)

2. Favourite Olympian Event

3. Favourite British Place to Visit

4. Favourite British Food
fish and chips

5. Favourite British Film/Tv Programme: men behaving badly :)

6. Favourite British Actor/Actress Colin Firth

Ali said...

Love the photos of your holiday. Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway my answers are:

1)Favourite olympian: Chris Hoy
2)Favourite sport: Cycling and Diving
3)Favourite place to visit: York
4)Favourite british food: Roast Chicken dinner
5)Favourite TV programme: Blackadder goes forth
6) Favourite British Actor: John Nettles.

Off to pop a link in my side bar xx

Shirlee said...

Lovely photos Lainey! I really enjoyed seeing them!

Rowyn said...

Hi Elaine

Thanks for sharing photos of your time away, it looks wonderful! Such beautiful photos.

1. Favourite Olympian
Haile Gebrselassie - he always runs with a smile on his face!

2. Favourite Olympian Event
Gymnastics and Track and Field

3. Favourite British Place to Visit
London city and Canterbury

4. Favourite British Food
Yorkshire puddings

5. Favourite British Film/Tv Programme
There are so many great British shows... but if I had to pick one I would say - Only Fools and Horses. Even though my DH and I have seen them over and over, and we laugh before they even deliver the punchline (because we know what is coming) we still love it!

6. Favourite British Actor/Actress
Again, so many excellent British actors and actresses it is hard to choose. I do like the hot Spooks guys... Matthew McFaden, Richard Armitage and Rupert Penry Jones, who have also all starred in some period dramas. That's diversity!

Hope you have a lovely weekend, and thanks for the email heads up for your generous giveaway (it was fun thinking about the British things I love).

expellhun said...

Thank you for the great giveaway:-)

1. Tunde Szabo (Hungarian Olympic champion, also my collegue and friend:-)
2. opening ceremony
3. Big Ben
4. fish and chips
5. Harry Potter forever:-)))
6. Alan Rickman

Hugs, Expell

Gill said...

What a fun giveaway!!
1. Mark Cavendish
2. Rowing
3. Bath
4, Roast beef
5. Antiques Roadshow
6. Bill Nighy

too_busy_to_stitch said...

What a lovely cottage! My answers are...
1. Favourite Olympian Bradley Wiggins
2. Favourite Olympian Event : Swimming
3. Favourite British Place to Visit : Polesden Lacey
4. Favourite British Food : Fish & Chips!
5. Favourite British Film/Tv Programme : Coronation Street
6. Favourite British Actor/Actress : Hugh Grant - gotta say that as I was at university with him, and was actually on first-name-speaking terms!!!

Viv x

butterfly said...

Wonderful exchanges , love the chart you are going to stitch.
So happy that you had a lovely break.

1 Mark Cavendish

2 High Jump

3 Dartmoor

4 Fish and Chips

5 Downton Abbey

6 Daniel Day Lewis.

Have a good weekend, hugs.

Mindi said...

Lovely post Lainey, and what a great giveaway!
1. Favourite Olympian - John Whitaker and his horse Milton

2. Favourite Olympian Event - hard to choose between the equestrian events or gymnastics. Diving would have to take 3rd place.

3. Favourite British Place to Visit - favorite place to just hang out was Convent Gardens, favorite place to visit was York, but I'd love to go back to Edinburgh, 24 hours at 13 years old wasn't enough time.

4. Favourite British Food - Digestive biscuits! The ones with the chocolate on the back :)

5. Favourite British Film/Tv Programme - I have to admit I was an Eastenders addict when I lived in England.

6. Favourite British Actor/Actress - Sean Connery

Brigitte said...

I always love to see blogposts with pictures of a region I'd love to visit myself one day. Scotland is one of them. Thank you so much for sharing.
This exchnage you were in wass wonderful - both packages were really to drool over. Enjoy the stitched giftie you've received and the goodies.

tadamama said...

Hi! I'm a new follower who is in love with the Olympics and I would love to enter your giveaway!

1. Favourite Olympian - Either Michael Phelps or the Fab Five of US Women's Gymnastics

2. Favourite Olympian Event - Women's Gymnastics, though the swimming and diving events are close seconds!

3. Favourite British Place to Visit - I've only had the pleasure of visiting London once, but I would love to visit Stonehenge!

4. Favourite British Food - Fish and Chips

5. Favourite British Film/Tv Programme - BBC's Pride and Prejudice

6. Favourite British Actor/Actress - Colin Firth

I've also added your giveaway to my blog -

Congrats again!

missy said...

1. Favourite Olympian-Nadia Comaneci

2. Favourite Olympian Event-Ice Skating

3. Favourite British Place to Visit-Harrods

4. Favourite British Food-Fish and Chips

5. Favourite British Film/Tv Programme BBC Anything

6. Favourite British Actor/Actress -Dame Judi Dench

Thank you for the contest.

Anonymous said...


Just found your lovely blog.
Your holiday cottage looks beautiful and the photos are stunning.

Your finishes are so sweet and your exchange gifts are lovely - both given and received.
Wishing you a happy week.

Kay said...

This is fun!
1. Tom Daley
2. Swimming
4.Trifle or bread and butter pudding
5.The BBC version of Pride and Prejudice
6. Maggie Smith

Teresa said...

So glad you and your hubbie got away for awhile. I have been to Perth and it is just beautiful.
I am not really a big sports fan so I can't answer your questions but have fun with the giveaway.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

♥ Nia said...

lovely pictures :)

Annette Bevelander said...

What a beautifull piecures all!!
Love them!!
And a beautifull stitching pic's!!!
Enjoy your weekend!!

Edit said...

You have been to a really beautiful place Elaine, sure you had a nice time there.

The exchange packages are also wonderful, so many nice items! I really enjoyed looking at them on the exchange blog as well.

And of course I love the package I received from you, too ;)

As for the giveaway, am I in time to enter?

1) Favourite Olympian: hmmmm, has to be the Hungarian waterpolo team, as they won the last 3 Olympics, but sadly this year they are not going so well

2) Favourite Olympian Event: waterpolo and swimming

3) Favourite British Place to visit: I would like to go back to Bath, I was there once but only for a very very short time, like 1 hour or so, but I liked it a lot

4) Favourite British Food: difficult question to choose one, in general I always enjoyed going to a pub lunch with colleagues when I was working in the UK

5) Favourite British Film/ TV programme: we do not get too many here, but I liked very much Sense and Sensibility

6) Favourite British Actor/Actress: also a difficult one, but lately I saw a few movies with Emma Thompson and I liked her. But I think I do not have really a favourite in general.

Thanks for the change, hugs,

Sally said...

What super photos Lainey. Gorgeous scenery.

Love the exchanges. Gorgeous stitched pieces and lovely goodies.

Margit said...

Thanks for your wonderful comment in my blog.

You do lovely stitching!!!

Carin said...

Ohhh I missed this give away !! Evn I'm a Dutch girl I love everything about Britain, we even watch on tv most of our time the BBC.

EndlessImprovement said...

Greetings ! I saw that your Rss of this blog is functioning in a right way, did you complete all the properties all by yourself or you simply used the original settings of the widget?

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