Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Stitchy Gifts & Chart help please!

Well here we are nearly mid March already. I wish I could say I was bouncing with the joys of spring but I;m still not very well, constantly wearing my crabby pants and my heads still rotating with all the stress and problems taking care of my MIL. The one good point though is my stitching helps me to forgot about it all. First let me share this little Birthday treat I made for the lovely Lesleyanne She has a fondness for coffee and Lizzie Kate so I thought this would be the perfect design. I really enjoyed the stitching but making up the pillow gave me a few lets say colourful moments..lol. Thankfully Lesleyanne couldn;t find my flaws and she was delighted with her gifts.

As I was laid up in bed most of last week I didn't get as much done on my new "Out on a Limb" chart as I would have liked. I am enjoying this one and will pick it back up later in the month.

I promised myself I would tackle some of my wips this month so the last few days I;ve been working on Happy Moood by Barbara Ana Designs. I started this on the 6th of April 2010. Why I put it aside I don;t know.  It;s stitching up really quick and all being well it should be finished by tomorrow. Once again my awful photograph doesn;t show up the pretty thread colours and pale lemon fabric I;m using.

Look at these pretty packages my postman brought me last week. They were a delight that truly brightened up this old crabby pants day, a wonderful suprise from my dear friend June

I;ve got lots of uses for those pretty ribbons and buttons but oh my isn;t my stitching notebook just gorgeous!!! As I told June I have a fetish for pretty notebooks so I absolutely love it. How cute are the little scissors and the ribbon mouse tab. June;s talents are just no end, thank you so much my dear.

Now as if that wasn;t enough a few days later my postman brought me this little gem from another special sweet friend.  Dear Michelle had made this beautiful RAK for me. I just loved it when I saw it on her blog and was going to email her to ask if I could borrow the chart. I had a little bubble (its my age..lol) when I opened up the package and saw Michelle had sent it to me, she is such a sweet friend with the biggest heart.

I;ve just been asked by a family friend to stitch a Wedding piece for another member of their family. I would love to have some chart suggestions. I only have one or two charts that I could use but there both a bit old fashioned for a young couple, help!

Hugs and happy stitching until next time!


Ann at Beadlework. said...

I don't know if you've seen the brand new Cross Eyed Cricket chart called "Love" - it's quite a pretty design and might suit for your wedding piece.

Annie said...

So sorry that life is not treating you as well as you would like.

Your coffee pillow is so cute and I love that card you sent with it.

You received some lovely gifts.. aren't stitchers just the greatest?

Just looked at that CEC Love chart Ann mentioned. It is indeed very appealing and doesn't feel old-fashioned at all.

pam said...

So glad you are getting lots of pick me ups. It is hard to get out of those crappy pants once they go one. Shake them off one leg at a time.:)

butterfly said...

Your wips are looking lovely Elaine. Lots of nice gifts.
Take a look at Brooks Books they have a set of 12 charts for weddings with Love, peace, faith and others, pretty for a young couple.

Anne said...

Such lovely gifts for you Elaine!! June's package is so pretty it must have been hard to take apart!! That little framed piece is so sweet too!! Glad it cheered you up!

As for the chart question, I've stitched up two hearts (same design) from the freebie designs at http://needleprint.blogspot.com/

I like choosing my own colours and linen and stitching the people's initials in the middle. I've replaced the hearts with the year they got married. There is also another lovely larger heart for purchase in pdf I think. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Coffee Crazy is adorable and I love how you finished it. The lace is just perfect.

Hope you are feeling more "springy" real soon.

Ali said...

What a lot of gorgeous goodies, given & received!! Sorry not got any advice for the pattern :-( - hope you're feeling better soon xx

Fiona said...

Your stitching looks great, I love the finishing on your LK coffee design. All your packages are wonderful, stitcher's really are very generous. Hope you are feeling better and lose your crabby pants soon.

Deb said...

All your stitching looks great and that coffee pillow is just adorable. Hope that you're feeling better and I think that we all get crabby pants once in a while.

Michelle said...

Your stitching is lovely Elaine - sorry to hear you are under the weather - sending you many hugs. Glad you liked my RAK and I am pleased it cheered you xx

Daffycat said...

I just love all these gifts ~ both to and from. We stitching bloggers rock when it comes to the giving department, right?

Your WIPs look great ~ especially that silly cow! I know exactly what you mean about photographing. The colors don't want to stay true.

lynda said...

i have stitched Bent Creek's "I Do" for two very different couples and they both really like it. It's easy to personalize too. I even think I have two copies of this one, so if yo want to take a peek, let me know!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I put Wedding into Sew and So's search field and over 10 pages came up! I love this Trilogy design.


Your gifts are beautiful, both received and sent. You're all very talented and thoughtful too!

Mouse said...

aww isn't it nice when you have a good mail day ...
mmm charts historical sampler company has some nice ones and that new lizzie kate love one may work ???
hope that helps a bit :) love mouse xxxxx

Lesleyanne said...

I LOVE my gift Elaine, thank you again. Great gifts received from Michelle and June. Hope you are feeling better soon. Lanarte do some lovely wedding designs.

Carin said...

Beautiful gifts and your stitching is lovely as always.

Chris said...

Hi Lainey,
I hope that you are feeling better and will be able to enjoy spring soon!
What wonderful mailbox treats :)

Giovanna said...

Your stitching is lovely, and what pretty gifts!

Anonymous said...


I like that piece you did for Lesleyanne.

Your Happy Mood WIP is very sweet!

I love your presents too!

I hope you start to feel better soon.

natalyK said...

Trilogy has a cute design in their line-up series.

Catherine said...

Hugs to you Lainey..it is good that we have our stitching to distract us from all the happenings in our lives, isn't it?
Such sweet gifts from June and Michelle! I know you will enjoy and treasure them!

Bronwyn said...

Lovely pillow!

Edit said...

You have sent and received really beautiful presents, I love them all! :) I was thinking about wedding designs, but no one came to my mind :( Or maybe yes, Lizzie Kate has a design, Love Crazy, it is an older one, and there is also a new kit, A Good Marriage, also from Lizzie Kate.

Sending you a big hug,

Sally said...

Love the gift you stitched for Lesleyanne. I bet she was thrilled with it.

A little progress on your WIP is good and it's good to see Happy Moood back out again.

You received some beautiful, well-deserevd gifts.

Hope this week is better for you. {{{{hugs}}}}

Lynn said...

Sorry to hear you're still feeling under the weather. I hope you're back to your old self soon!
I love the gift you stitched for Lesleyanne. I'm sure it made her day!

Your Barbara Ana design is adorable! I have several of her charts but have yet to stitch one up.

If you check out 123 Stitch online and search wedding you'll find all kinds of ideas!

Brigitte said...

So sorry to read that you are still not well and that you have to deal with so much these days. I hope that life will be better to you very very soon.
Meanwhile enjoy these great gifts from your stitchy friends and enjoy stitching on your wonderful WIPs.

♥ Nia said...

I love that cow! So happy and fun :D
Sorry to hear that things are not all that good =/ I hope it will get better soon! And may the rest of March be better that it started!
Hugs to you sweetie!!

Annette said...

That Cow looks so great..love it..cute pattern..
Your other wipalso looks great.

Beautifull gifts..

How it all goes better soon!

Siobhán said...

What lovely gifts! Beautiful stitching progress, too.

Carin said...

Did you find an wedding sampler already ?

♥ Nia said...


Sweet Easter to you :)