Monday, 16 May 2011

A Snowman, A Quilt and some Flowers

I;m a bit late with this one but here is my April SAL piece. I;ve started to make it into a long pillow which hopefully will be stuffed and finished in a few days. We have decided to swap over from Christmas too Halloween for the next few months. Elaine has a lovely new black tree she needs to fill and I have a very limited amount off Halloween items that I want to add to. We are starting off with LK Spooky Patch. It;s a nice small design so hopefully I should manage to finish this one on time.

I forgot to show these in my last post. Way back in March my kids gave me some stash money for Mothers Day. While browsing I came across this great store on Etsy. I;m always a bit anxious when I order from the States but my lovely charts were here in jig time. Paula is a lovely lady and has a wonderful selection off goodies. Go on, take a look you know you want

The Summer Tea-party/Picnic Exchange that I am organising is now up and running. The response was wonderful and there are 27 people taking part. I;m still scratching my head figuring out what I am going to stitch but I can;t wait to see what everyone else is going to come up with.

This is my Mum;s first attempt at a Jellyroll quilt, doesn;t it look fab. She made this quilt for my Dad in his favourite football colours, red, black and white. Dad says it;s the best quilt she has ever made but each off the family members who have a quilt made by Mum think theres is the best too.

Well typically for Scotland our lovely spell off dry, sunny weather seems to have past. It;s done nothing but rain every day for about the past ten days now. As you can see the only ones enjoying it are the plants in my garden. Now don;t be greedy girls I know there will be some out there basking in the sun, please share it with the rest of

Well that is my ramblings for today. I hope everyone has a good week. Happy Stitching!


Paula Still said...

Tell your mom her quilt is amazing! Just beautiful! And I can't wait to see what you will stitch for Halloween ... my favorite holiday! Yea!!

P.S. Thank you for mentioning my store :)

Beth said...

Where to begin?...Your April SAL piece is a cutie! And your Mom's quilt - perfect for your Dad it sounds like! A nice piece of Stash you've acquired too - now to chose what to do next!

carol fun said...

So many pretty pictures to gaze at - I love it! Your April SAL piece is adorable and your Mom's quilt is stunning - love that color combination. Hope things are well with you - take care and happy stitching!

staci said...

Your snowman turned out cute and your mum's quilt is lovely as well. Enjoy your new stash!

Patty C. said...

I love the snowman - How cute !!!!!

Catherine said...

What a cute finish - especially knowing how much you love snowmen! That quilt is amazing - those are my oldest boy's colors as well!

Hope you are having a great week!

Annie said...

Adorable little April SAL design.

The quilt is fabulous in those bright colors!

Carol said...

The snowman is darling, Elaine--I wonder how many you've stitched through the years? And your mom did a brilliant job on her quilt!

We've had rain, rain, rain this spring, too--but I've never seen the grass so green. Love your flower pictures :)

Colleen said...

Snowman is a cutie! Have you picked your next project from your new stash? Oooh, love your Mom's quilt! Your garden is lovely. I am like you, what to stitch for the Tea exchange.
{{{HUGS}}} to you!

Friendship Crossing said...

Hi Lainey,
Love that snowman in BLUE! How cute! I posted him awhile back in red and I love that pattern.
Those goodies look really yummy! LOVE your mum's quilt! She did a great job on it!
The flower pics are gorgeous!! We've had nothing but rain this spring too and it does look really lush out there.
Come see what I've been working on, and yes, I still need to start stitching something for our exchange!!

Edit said...

Your Mum's quilt is absolutely amazing! I really love it. One day I would also like to try and make a quilt (but have to learn how to do it before), because I find them so so special. And this one is really beautiful!

Your snowman looks so cute and your new charts... Especially the PS, as I love everything from them :)

What beautiful flowers you have. Here we haven't got that much, although this month was really rainy.

Have a nice day, Edit

Michelle said...

A lovely finish - your photos have really cheered me - thanks for sharing them x

Mylene said...

A very cute snowman finished!

WOW! your Mum's quilt looks gorgeous!!

and lovely lovely flowers you have in your garden. We'd sure like more rain but instead only cloudy and cold winds.

Sally said...

I love your snowman Elaine. He is so cute.

Lovely new stash. I'm going to look and Paula to my Etsy favourites for future reference:)

Wow your Mum's quilt is stunning!

Siobhan said...

I love your snowman finish!! What a beautiful piece. Love the new stash!

Your mother's quilt finish is stunning! I can see where her daughter got her talent with needle and thread. :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Justflo said...

Lovely snowman.

Your goodies look great. Wow that's some quilt. Congrats to MUM

Jackie said...

I've never been disappointed with an Etsy seller.

Your tea party table scape is just lovely!

Suzanne said...

Very cute stitch!

Love the spread for your tea party, it looks yummy.

Your mum's quilt looks great.

Wendy said...

what a lovely quit, your dad is indeed right to claim his is the best one !

Annette said...

How great your exchange is going great!!!
What a beautifull quilt your mother has made!!
great pics!!

Lillie said...

Awww..I loved your header!! so adorable. A pretty cute April Sal finish. Loved the colors of your mom's quilt too.