Friday, 15 January 2016

Is there anyone there?

Hello! It's been over two years since I've been part of the blogging world. I had to step away from my stitching, blogging and internet friends as due to some major changes in our life I know longer had a lot of free time to continue my own interests. My stitching mojo vanished and my needle and thread were set aside for a very long time.I wasn't able to keep up with blogs, groups, emails so I lost contact with a lot of people. I'm opening up my blog again hoping that I will be able to catch up with old friends and make some new ones.
At the beginning of last year I couldn't keep up with everything going on around me and I knew even if it was just for a short time each week I had to make some time just for me. I started by reading more books then I tried to learn more about crochet.Not an easy task as I only knew the basics from school which was more than 40 years ago!!! I have to say I'm better sticking to my needle than a hook. I will show you some of my attempts at a later date..

In early spring I needed a gift for my inlaws who are bee-keepers. I wasn't keen but I decided to see if I could pick up my interest in stitching again. My first attempt ended up in the bin and I had to push myself to finish this one. The joy of stitching just wasn't there but I was pleased with the finished result.

The following month our neighbours off 22 years were moving house. They were a lovely quiet couple who didn't have many interests apart from their family. I was struggling to find a goodbye gift then I remembered I had this sweet little chart in my stash. They were delighted with it and my appetite to stitch was starting to pick up.

My next finish was one for me. Even though I started stitching more than 15 years ago I mostly made stuff to give away. In June 2015 I finally framed and hung a piece on my living room wall.

I really was back in the groove and by the end of the Summer I finished this chart with one of my favourite things "sheep". I'm hoping to take it to the framers this week and yes I am going to hang it in my home.

Just before Christmas I decided I was going to make up some proper finishes. I stitched a few new pieces and found some ones that were done a long time ago. My daughter Heather stitched and made up the "Have your sELF" & Candy Cane Reindeer. She made a fantastic job so I persuaded her to help put together a number of the others too. I had planned to try and sell them to raise some much needed funds but sadly my friend who I care for had some new health complications so I had to put my project aside. I've packaged them all away so hopefully I will be ready for a Christmas Craft Fair this year. 

I can now happily say my stitching mojo is back! I have a number of projects lined up for 2016. My first starts are Home of a Needleworker too and a Reindeer ornament from the 2015 Just Crossstitch Ornament magazine. I will share some photos in my next post. My plan is to try and  stitch one Christmas ornament a month so anyone who would like to do a SAL with me would  be more than welcome.
Finally let me introduce you to the light off our life. This is our adorable Australian Labradoodle called Cupar. He is our own live teddy bear who loves squeaky toys, doodle hugs, kisses, chasing a ball and making friends with anyone he meets. If you would like to follow some of his daily adventures he has his own Instagram Account at cupar_doodle 

Well I guess I have rambled on enough for now. I must apologise for the quality of some of the photographs but a lot of them I had deleted the originals and had to get them from Instagram. I don't think they have transferred well. 
I'm looking forward to reading blogs viewing all the stitching, crocheting, crafting that I have missed out on. There are also a number of people from the blogging world and my old exchange group that I would love to catch up with I have thought about them often and wondered how they were doing.
Be back soon!


Glenna said...

Welcome back! I love your stitching projects--so cheerful! And your Australian Labradoodle is simply adorable!

Loretta said...

Welcome back. Your stitching is beautiful and I love the pictures of Cupar.

Sally said...

Wahoo! Welcome back Lainey. So happy to see you back blogging and to hear you've got your stitching mojo back. Your stitching is gorgeous as is Cupar!

Erna said...

Good to see you back here Lainy, and what a stitching job you did. Wow I envie you. I am still stitching but not as much as you. I just finished a wee Easter ornament. I am an on and off blogger,still like it though. Has Cupar grown, he's a big lad now..time flies.
Er xx

Mary Joan said...

Welcome back Lainey. Good to see you are stitching again and are back to blogging. Lovely stitching finishes and a very cute Cupar.
Take Care

Myra said...

Glad to see you back Elaine. I too have been out of the blogging loop. Not sure when or if I will get back to it but I do still follow several friends. Cup at is very handsome!

Clare - Aimetu said...

So lovely to see you back in Blogland, and what beautiful stitching you've been doing. Cupar looks lovely and identical to my friend's dog who is also a lively teddy bear haha

FIONA said...

Welcome back Lainey - glad you have your mojo back !! Love your pup !!

cucki said...

Welcome back my dear
I love the picture of cupar so much
Your stitching is so beautiful
Big hugs x

butterfly said...

How wonderful our dear friend is back, oh how you have been missed .
I hope life is so much better for you.
Great you have your mojo back.
Love all your stitching , beautiful designs.
And your beautiful Cupar is a really teddy bear love him.
I will join in your Christmas SAL , I need more Christmas gifts this Year.
I have already stitched a few.
Happy New Year sweet friend.Hugs & xxx.

Lois said...

Welcome back! I'm a very infrequent blogger these days. I'm full of good intentions but, well, you know how that goes! Glad to see the stitching mojo has returned - such lovely pieces you've stitched! As for Cupar - he's gorgeous!!!!

Cindy's Stitching said...

welcome back. everyone goes through different periods of stitching. the pieces you did are pretty.

Colleen said...

Such a lovely surprise to see your name in my email box! Always looked forward to your blog posts & missed my "visits" with you. I closed my blog a while ago & rarely check in on Face Book. So Happy your needle & thread have been making lots of "X's." As always, your stitching is lovely & Cupar is such a handsome gentleman.....who am I kidding, he's a doll & oh so cute! Count me in on your SAL. Love & hugs to you my friend {{Hug}}

Daffycat said...

Welcome back to blogland, Lainey!

Robin in Virginia said...

Welcome back and glad you have returned! Your projects all look fabulous. Glad your stitching mojo has returned. Cupar is adorable and I bet makes you smile all the time.

Blu said...

Welcome back! It's nice to see you again Lainey.
Your finishes are lovely and Cupar is adorable.

Shelly said...

Welcome back and welcome back to your mojo! Your stitching and finishing have been missed:)

angelasweby said...

So good to see you blogging again, Lainey and great news that you've found your enthusiasm for stitching again. The pieces you have stitched for yourself and others are lovely. There's nothing like a homemade gift to make people smile.
I can't believe how much Cupar has grown. He really is a bundle of gorgeousness.

Mylene said...

So good to see you back in blogland, Lainey!
Beautiful finishes you've finished recently!
Happy Weekend!

Kath said...

Great to see you back. I've had a bit of a year too and are only now finding the time to blog. Funny how life gets in the way. Pleased that you have picked up your needle again, it does do the soul good. Some cute wee finishes there

Christina said...

Great to see you back, Lainey and that you have been stitching. I too have neglected my blog. I set up a FB business page and am very busy with that. I will get back to my blog one day as I miss my blogging friends. It's great to see you on FB too, though! 😊

Brigitte said...

Oh my, Lainey, how cool is this, you are back to the blogging world. Welcome! And so great to read that the time for stitching has come back, too. Your new projects are all gorgeous. Can't wait to see the one you stitched for yourself when it comes back from the framer.
I'm looking forward to seeing your next post and reading about your new crafty projects.

Catherine said...

Yay!!! Hhmmm....I've haven't posted in quite some time either. Perhaps you will inspire me! So glad to see you and your lovely stitches back. Love to all!!

Carin said...

Glad you are back blogging !!
Love the pictures of Cupar and your stitchings are beautiful.

Julie said...

Cupar does look like a bundle of fun, he's adorable.
Handmade gifts re always so special, I hope your neighbours will be very happy in their new home and remember the times with you as they look at your lovely leaving gift.
Polly wolly made me smile... such a fun stitchy project
Wishing you peace and relaxation with your needle and thread as you venture into 2016

Carol said...

Yay! You're back! So many have left blogging that it is wonderful to have a few of you return :)

Great to catch up on all of your projects, Elaine--and meet Cupar! What a bundle of energy and joy he must be!! Wishing you and your family every happiness in 2016!

Terri said...

Welcome back!!

Beautiful stitching and I love the doggie pictures! He is so cute!

Heather said...

Welcome back! Your stitching is lovely!

Shebafudge said...

So wonderful to see you again. I hope the stitchy bug continues as you have been missed. xx

Vickie said...

I just spotted a post from you now. I am sorry to say, I thought you were gone from blogging, like others. Yay! You are back. Our little Henry is a toy poodle. He is six pounds and looks like a miniature version of Cupar. :D

Annette said...

Welcome back.
Hope you and your fanily doing better!
Keep it up, it looks like your doing a great job with the me-time!
What a lovely pieces you have been making!!!
very beautifull!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice to see you back again! This is why I never delete a blog from my Reader.
I love the Polly Wolly piece, the colours are so vibrant.
I'm still running my blog hops and a new SAL so if you want to meet some new bloggers please pop over and join in.

lynda said...

Welcome back Lainey! It is so good to see yo blogging again! And I am really glad to see you have your stitching mojo have stitched some lovely pieces. I would love to join you in SAL ornaments for this year...I have one kitted up...maybe it will get done before the end of the month! Your little Labradoodle is so precious!
Looking forward to your posts!

Kaisievic said...

Welcome back, dear Lainey. so glad to see you back in blogland and that you have been stitching again! I see that you are looking for an ornament SAL, well, in your absence, I started a Christmas Ornie SAL blog, which I would love for you to join or else it can be a sister blog to your original Christmas Ornie SAL blog, which I did notice you have started posting to again, as well. Let me know, the more the merrier, I always say. The Christmas Ornie SAL blog is or email me at hugs, Kaye