Sunday, 23 June 2013

This,That & Everything Else!

Hello! Thought I would come by and give anyone who hasn't given up on me an up-to-date on what's been happening here lately.It's supposed to be a blog mainly about stitching so let's start there. 

At the beginning of May I gave myself a talking to and got down to some finishing. All three designs were freebie charts. The blue-bird pillow was given to my dear friend June as a Birthday gift. The other two will be mailed out soon as RAK's to some other lovely friends.

My DD & DS bought me Little House Needleworks Summer Joy chart and threads for Mothers Day way back in March. I started it in May but as you can see I didn't get very far and haven't picked it up since. I really must make an effort as the colours are so pretty.

I'm a very lucky girl with such generous stitching friends. A few months ago dear Sally and Mouse surprised me with these longed for charts from my wishlist.

Curly Q Ewe from Mouse

My Sheep hear My Voice from Sally

Anyone that knows me knows I'm mad about sheep so I couldn't wait to start on the Curly Q chart. Sally and Mouse decided to join me in a stitch-a-long. Dear Mouse sent me some lovely fabric but my head in the clouds as usual I never noticed until I had started stitching that it was linen. I find it much easier to stitch on evenweave. I felt as if every stitch was taking forever and that little green frog started jumping all over it. Into the lost box it has gone. 
A few days later I found a lovely piece of lambswool in my stash so off I went again. Few hours into my stitches I realised I had made another mistake. I started frogging and oh dear lord it was a nightmare the thread just wouldn;t come out the holes. It kept fraying and splitting. You thought I had stuck it with super Enough was enough off to the lost box it went. 
Once I calmed down I was determined to try again. This time I found a piece of evenweave that I had stitched on recently, perfect or so I thought. I was so anxious to get started what did I do? I cut my fabric wrong, it was too small!!! I was in tears now, I had wanted to stitch this chart for so long and three attempts later I was getting no where. I thought about giving up and working on my Summer Joy but when I saw Sally's progress pictures I just had to give it another go. I ordered some fabric from Sewandso which with their amazing service arrived the next day. I've begun again and so far it looks good, though right now my lady looks like an and off course it wouldn't be right if I didn't get something wrong. It was only when Mouse showed me her lovely progress picture I realised I've stitched the jacket in the wrong colour. There is NO way I;m frogging this one. Wish me luck please and pray this one doesn't end up in the lost box.

Not sure if I should be making any more stitching plans just now but I'm planning to be stuck in front of the tv in the next few weeks watching Wimbledon. I've got three small pieces I'm hoping to tackle. All being well I shall share in my next post.

Well if your still with me here is what else has been going on around here. Our DD Heather completed her third year at University and now has a BA degree in 3D Computer Animation. She had majors exams when her Dad was having his Operation and awaiting his results so it was extra pressure. We are so proud and we know she will do well in her Honours year.

Craig is still having a tough time and we are still waiting to hear from the hospital but some recent blood tests have showed some deficiencies. Hopefully the new medication will help and he also started a new job on Monday. The contract is only for four months but we are hoping that this will also give him a boost. I tried to sneak a photo of him all grown-up in his shirt and tie but that wasn't

On the May bank holiday we had a lovely family day out with my Mum and Dad. We visited Floors Castle in the Borders area of Scotland. As you can see it was rather a dull day but the castle still looks rather impressive. Sadly your not allowed photos inside. The tapestries were stunning! 

On our way home my DH treated me to this little beauty. I told him I would use it daily to drink my tea from but it's just too pretty. How appropriate for me is that name on the! 

For the last few weeks we have been blessed with some spells of decent dry weather. Ian was on holiday last week so we've been busy working in the garden. A lovely new shed and fresh stones in the driveway has given the outside a boost. New plants in the garden and the pots have been filled. I didn't want to bore everyone with too many photos so I just took a few of the garden plants and some from the pots. Hope you enjoy.

I hope you have enjoyed catching up. I will try harder not to make it so long until my next post. All being well I should have some puppy pictures to share next time as our new little family member may be born next week. We are all so excited!!!!!!
Take care everyone and happy stitches. Hugs!


Cath said...

Great pics . Looking forward to seeing the new arrival .
Take care .XXX

Kaisievic said...

Such a lovely long post, loved catching up on all of your news. You mentioned that the first three stitchy finishes were freebies - do you have the link? I just love Scatter Smiles ( I do already have the Sister Stitcher free design.) I loved reading about your family and your trip to a castle (natch!).
hugs, Kaye

Mouse said...

glad you lived your giftie and that you didn't give up ... and mine looks like an alien too ... will upload photos soon ... gorgeous flowers and plants.
love your getting ready to finish table sooooo neat and love the finishes too ...
shame about not being able to take photos but its to do with the flashes spoiling the conditions .
paws crossed all goes well for the new addition :) love mouse xxxxx

Lesleyanne said...

Great pictures. Keeping my fingers crossed for Craig. Hope you are okay too. Lovely stitching.

Annette said...

You making so much beautifull things..
How great you found the time to stitch them.
ver beautiull.
Your DD looks so beautiull.. very smart and lovely girl.
You can be proud on her.
Fingers crossed for you and your family!!

cucki said...

Wow super sweet projects..all so cute..
Your dd is so sweet..
Finger crossed for you and your family..
Big hugs x

meggie said...


Beautiful finishes!
Lovely RAKs from Mouse and Sally, I hope you finish that piece and have no more frogging.
Congrats to your son and daughter and hope your son will feel better soon.
Stunning photos, great mug!
Have a good week (:

Chris said...

Hey Lainey!
So nice to see an update from you. Your finishes are lovely. I am so sorry you had such a difficult start on your current project but I am glad that you finally have it going, even if she does look like an alien.
So nice to hear about your family and the lovely holiday you had in May. Hugs!

Mii Stitch said...

Plenty of great projects! I've just finished Joyful Summer, it was such a nice stitch. I'm sure you'll enjoy it too!

Dawn said...

Great finishes, your daughter is lovely. Your mug is very cute. Nice gifts.

Vickie said...

Good for you Lainey on not giving up. Your hard work will pay off, it will be lovely.
You are so fortunate to have sheep scissors. I am always looking for poodle scissors, no such luck.
I look forward to puppy pics.

Tina said...

Lovely finishes,love all your finishing materials so neat and tidy.
It's lovely to have stitchy post off your friends.

Your garden is looking fab! I wouldn't wan to go inside.

Lovely piccie of your daughter,so pretty and talented.
Hope your son feels better soon

Tina xxx

Tatkis said...

Adorable finishes!
I love your new sheep teacup so much :)
Good luck with your processes!


butterfly said...

Love all your stitching , my one is so beautiful too thanks sweetie.

Love all your photos thanks for sharing.

Love your scissors.

Your daughter is beautiful ,sending love to all .

Penny said...

Really enjoyed your update and pictures. :) Some projects are just like Curly Q, but I'm glad you are persevering! Pretty finishes. What a lovely picture of your daughter. :) Hope that your son is feeling better soon - my son feels the same way about having his picture taken. :)

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing your photos Elaine - lovely to hear from you. The stitching is lovely as is the photo of your daughter. Thinking of you xx

Jennifer M. said...

Looks like you have been a busy lady. I'm sorry to hear that you had a couple rough starts with your one project but I'm sure it will come out just lovely in the end.

Congrats to your daughter on finishing her 3rd year of university. That is quite an accomplishment.

Lovely pics of your flowers. They are so bright and pretty. The cup your hubby got you is just adorable too. :-)

Catherine said...

Wonderful to read your post, Lainey!! Love all of your stitches. Isn't it frustrating when you just can't get going on a piece. Love the pic of your daughter ~ what a beautiful young lady! I hope Craig's new job goes well. So glad you were able to shave a family outing ~ thanks for sharing the pics ~ oh, and you know I am loving your mug!! Hugs!

♥ Nia said...

So great to hear from you and read all your news :)
You've been a lucky lady, lovely gifts!! :D And also busy for the next few months, stitching all that ;) heheheh
Congrats to your DD!! :D
wishing all the best to your familly, specially your hubby! Hugs to you sweetie!

Carol said...

Nice to get caught up with you, Lainey! your stitching is lovely as are those great gifts.

Congratulations to your daughter--she looks so pretty and happy :) I thik that would be a very interesting field to be in... Hope things go well for Craig in his job...

Exciting that a new puppy will be joining you soon--can't wait to see the photos :)

Erna said...

Hi sweetie, what a lovely finishes and what a great photos.Congrats for Heather and all the best for Craig,I hope everything turns out ok for him.
Don't let Ian spoil you so much :))
Er xx

Brigitte said...

Such a pleasure to see a new post from you. And what a newsy one.
Your two pillow finishes are so lovely. I must also talk myself into finishing something, it's not my favourite part of stitching, lol.
Sorry to hear about your trouble when stitching this wonderful LHN design. And wow, you are stitching it over one! But hopefully it will go better now.
Floors Castle looks gorgeous and makes me want to visit the UK with its fantastic castles very soon again.

Lynn said...

Welcome back! I love all of your finishes on the freebie chart. You did a fabulous job!

Goodness but you have had a time of it on the LHN stitch! I think I would have given up after my second attempt so I'm glad you persevered. Sounds like the third time's the charm, even with colour changes.

I liked the garden pics. The wee frog planter is adorable!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I've just caught up on your latest blog posts - I look forward to seeing your new addition to the family. Having a pup at home is so exciting - labradoodles are such bonnie dogs. Our neighbour has one and she is a lovely dog with a great temperament.

Carin said...

Winderful post and I love your finishings.
And those sheeps in the first picture s... LOVE THEM !!

Beth said...

Lainey - yu are set up as a no-rely, so wanted to leave a small comment here to let you know that I did not let anoyone know in advance about travel to Scotland as I did not want to inconvenience anyone or 'make' them feel that they 'had to' see me. I am LOVING my time here - Glasgow now and the people are wonderful. Many thanks