Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Celebrations & Holidays Part 2!

Loch Leven  & Loch Leven Castle

The day after our Anniversary celebrations we headed off for a much needed weeks break. We returned to the lovely apartment near to Loch Leven in Perthshire that we had previously stayed in July. It was very relaxing week with some lovely trips to Aberfeldy, Dundee, Perth,Pitlochry and Dunkeld.

This is the beautiful town of Dunkeld We had a delicious sample of home baking and coffee in the Cafe and I purchased my Poppy Jug (photo in previous post) in "Going Pottie".

Another day we visited the city of Dundee In many towns in Scotland you will find buskers singing in the street. As you can see one of the shoppers was really enjoying the music. A young man was also doing this sand art outside one of the stores. The detail was amazing.

Half way through our holiday I celebrated my birthday. Ian had brought some of my cards with him so I could open them while away. Family and friends gave me money as they knew I needed a new camera. After a lot of deliberating I finally settle on the Lumix TZ27. I also got a nasty surprise on my birthday. Stupidly I didn;t switch the light on before going down the steps from the bedroom to the living-room. I missed one and fell right to the floor. We both got a nasty fright but thankfully I didn;t break anything. My back and hips were very sore for a number of days and I;ve got some lovely bruises but I;m okay now.

When I came home I was overwhelmed with these gorgeous gift from my dear stitching friends. They all know me so well. The stitched pieces are just gorgeous!!! Sally made me this adorable little Lamb, Lesleyanne a beautiful Noel Snowman, June my gorgeous purply trimmed Snowman and Cath made me not one but two more beautiful Snowmen and another darling sheep for my flock. Thank you so much to you all for spoiling me so, the stitched pieces and wonderful treats will be treasured.

Finally if your still with me. My stitching mojo has been waining a bit again but during the Olympic games I did finish my "Delivering Posies". I;m quite pleased with the colours but it wasn;t until I was taking a photograph I noticed my bird has a row missing from the top of his head. Guess I;ll need to fix that.

I really don;t know who to blame for this but it wasn;t my I was so sure that I would stick to stitching but I was out shopping one day and saw some wool and I thought of all those lovely knitted and crocheted pieces that I keep seeing on your blogs I gave in and bought some. I was going to knit but I came across my old crochet hook first and yes its very old hasn;t seen light of day since I was a teenager. I prowled the Net until I found some instructions and a free chart and oh dear I;m I did some squares to remind me of the stitches and then made this skinny scarf. I also bought some more wool and a book while on holiday. Well I couldn;t go into a craft shop and come out with nothing.

I hope that you have enjoyed my ramblings. To my dear friends I;m so lucky to have you in my life thank you again for making the past two weeks so special. Thank you also to everyone who takes the time to come visit me here. Even though I have many followers I don;t seem to have as many visitors as I used too so I really appreciate those that take the time to come by and say Hi. 


Vickie said...

Such wonderful goodness Elaine. I am so glad you have recovered from your fall.♥

cucki said...

wowwwwwwwww beautiful pictures ..
super cuteeeeee
hugs xxx

Rhona said...

What wonderful pictures, I really do miss living in Scotland! Love all your gifts and cards.

butterfly said...

Thanks for sharing your holiday with us it looks so beautiful, All your gifts are beautiful, and your stitching is lovely I didn't notice the birds head , until you said .

Shirlee said...

Such a lovely holiday ... thank you for taking us all along with you : ) Lovely gifts as well!

Patty C. said...

Enjoyed the photos :)

North Country Stitcher said...

Glad to hear that you are okay after the fall. The gifts are lovely. Looks like you had a wonderful time on vacation. Lisa

Friendship Crossing said...

Hi Lainey!
Sorry I missed your last few posts! Happy belated birthday and anniversary!

Looks like you won the lottery w/all the sweet gifts/cards, etc.

Gorgeous pics of Scotland! I can't wait till the day I can fly over for a visit soemday!! :))

Good to 'see' you on here again!
Enjoy your day!


Cath said...

Great pics . glad you like your prezzies . Those little sheep came home from our holidays with us . As soon as I saw them I thought of you ,lol .

Carin said...

Happy belated birthday !! You picked a great camera. I also have a lumix and it makes wonderful pictures.
I like the pictures you made from your visit, I enjoyed looking at them.

Catherine said...

What a wonderful getaway ~ absolutely beautiful pictures!!
Fantastic gifts too! Your birthday isn't over yet!😉

Lesleyanne said...

Great pictures from your holiday. Looks like you had a great time. Glad you are okay after your fall. Gorgeous birthday gifts. Lovely stitching - didn't notice the bird's head until you said.

Brigitte said...

Elaine, what a wonderful week and birthday you had. I loved looking at all the great pictures of where you spent your little break. I think I'd feel great there as well.
Aren't all these crocheting and knitting projects very tempting, when you see them on the blogs? So far I still resisted but I know one day I'll give in and buy some crochsting and knitting needles and some yarn ...
And before I forget it: Happy belated birthday wishes!

Mylene said...

Great pictures of your holiday and such lovely gifts received for your birthday!

Annette said...

Ow Lainey...
That looks so great.. you must had the time of your life!!
So great..
And al those stitching pieces!!Enjoy it!!

Valma said...

wonderful pictures you shared with us
I definitely miss Scotland too !!!
Sure I've been a Scot in a previous life =D
You received so lovely gifts , you've been spoiled and that really super
Delivering posies is becoming very cute too
what a wonderful post you made =D
Happy stitching
and till next time...mind the step =D
(joking, I'm glad you didn't break anything !!)
big hugs from France

Kathy A. said...

What lovely, lovely gifts you received. Glad to hear your fall wasn't more serious. Hope the bruises and sore spots fade quickly.
Happy Belated Birthday.

Sally said...

So glad you had a wonderful holiday, anniversary and birthday. Hope you are OK after your fall.

You received some gorgeous gifts. So happy you love your lamb:)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Happy belated anniversary and birthday! Looks like you had a wonderful vacation what a lovely corner of the world!

You received a lot of beautiful stitched gifts for your birthday!

Carol said...

Such a lovely anniversary trip, Lainie--we are just back from ours as well. Will post some photos tomorrow (if blogger cooperates!!)... And what wonderful gifts you received--you are blessed with so many caring friends!!

Wishing you and your husband many more happy years together :)

Virpi said...

I like your pics very much and those ornaments looks amazing.

Heather said...

Happy belated 25th anniversary!!! My darling hubby and I will celebrate ours on the 5th of January!

It looks like you had a lovely celebration!!!!

Love, Heather