Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Stitchy Sorts!

Yes I;m still in sheep mode and my flock is slowly growing. This cute little guy was a freebie. I decided to liven up his plaid coat with a little blue. Tomorrows plan is too make him into pillow.

Barb is another member off the sheep mad clan so I just had to stitch her this little cutie too celebrate her Birthday this week. She received so many beautiful stitchy gifts do pop over and take a peek.

My little two year old mindee Abigail was as excited as me when the postman delivered this box on Thursday. She couldn;t wait to help me tear off the cellotape and oh WOW how gorgeous are all these goodies that I received from Jackie in the Love & Friendship exchange. The LK Friendship pillow is beautiful and those sheepy charts , oh my.  Abigail just loved the red heart box and I;m sure Jackie won;t mind if I let her decorate it too take home with her.

Excuse my language ladies but OMG I nearly peed my pants with joy when I saw these scissors!!!!! I know I'm always going on about it but I could never dream of buying anything like that here in Scotland. I don;t have any local needlecraft stores any more so I can;t get my hands on stash easily. My only choice is to buy online. I soooo appreciate it when I receive a little gem like this and its so sweet that Jackie took the time to find them for me, another stitching angel.

This is my Love & Friendship exchange package that I sent to Sarah The design on the pillow is taken from the same chart as the Rose I recently stitched for June. Sarah is another mad lilac and purple fan so she loved her pillow.
Remember you still have until Friday to sign-up for the new Spring into Easter Exchange. You will find the link on the sidebar off my blog.

I put another few stitches in my February Christmas tree ornament this morning and in the afternoon I sorted out a number off pieces for stuffing, sewing and making into something presentable. I shall hopefully be back later in the week with some too share and the start on my latest sheep for the flock.

I don;t know about others but the new comment word verification is driving me crazy! I;m not stupid but I seem to have endless attempts at putting in the correct letters. I;ve removed the verification part on my blog as I don;t want too put people off leaving a comment. Is it just me?

Have a good week. Hugs! 


Teresa said...

Cute little lamb. Those scissors are just perfect for you.
Another great exchange, looking forward to the next one.
On the word verification, why is one real clear and the other one next to impossible.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Jennifer M. said...

Lovely exchange packages. I just love your sheep fetish. It is too cute. I really enjoyed the Love/Friendship Exchange. Those scissors you got are awesome. Your ornament is looking great on that fabric you chose too.

BTW, I started laughing at your comment about the word verification. I noticed that craziness yesterday. I just went to the eye doctor the other day and I had trouble reading one of the words on some blogs I tried commenting on. I thought it was me!

I took that thing off long ago on my blog and just don't allow Anonymous comments. Usually the spam Bots post as Anonymous and blogger catches them when they try to post. Its worked for me.

I will be forwarding you the new Exchange questionaire this week. I created a new e-mail address too.

Jen :)

Sarah said...

Lovely gifts both sent and recieved, the lilac pillow you stitched is just adorable. I know what you mean about the new word verification. SOOOOOO annoying!

Catherine said...

Ooohhhh, what lovely goodies all around! You know I love sheep too ~ did Jackie say where she found those scissors? Love them!

Lesleyanne said...

Gorgeous exchanges both sent and received. Love the sheepy scissors, so perfect for you. I am SOOOO with you with the new word verification.

butterfly said...

Lovely stitching and great goodies received and given.
I thought it was me with this word verification.
On some blogs its just taken me about 5 goes to get a comment in, I thought I must be really getting old. !

Christina said...

No, it's not just you with the new word verification. The words are totally illegible.
I love the heart pegs you sent Sarah - so sweet! And as for the sheep scissors...OMG indeed!

Giovanna said...

Thanks for taking off the word verification! I ranted on my blog about it the other day, and I've just stopped leaving comments on blogs which still have it, it's so aggravating - but I hate having to do that. Love all your sheepies, including the majorly cute scissors :-)

cucki said...

aww lovely gifts both sent and received..the lilac pillow is so cute..
big hugs for you xx

Tatkis said...

Such cute stitched sheep motives!
And great gifts received (I just love those sheep scissors!)

Best wishes,

Bette said...

Lovely sheep and gifts. And I so agree with you about the word verification. It makes it so difficult to leave comments now.

Shirlee said...

Great exchanges both sent & received & I've never met a sheep I didn't like : ) I agree with you about the word verification. I'll need to check my blog to see if I still have it required. Blessings, Shirlee

Fiona said...

Love your little sheep finishes and your exchange packages are just wonderful. I would love to see a picture of the decorated box. Your scissors are just way too cute but as I see sheep everyday from my window they don't hold the same attraction. But I am looking forward to the lambs in a month or two.

Annie said...

Sheep overload! Everything is so cute and I love your new perfect for you. Great exchange packages too.

I'm experimenting with no word verification too. This new thing takes too many tries to get it right. Hoping I don't have to turn it back on.

Myra said...

I despise the new word verification! Love your sheepie finish and those scissors are just perfect for you.

Anne said...

Love your exchanges! Both sent and received! Those sheep scissors are too cute!! Like you, I have to purchase online and never been into a local needle shop. It would be a dream to visit one!! Beautiful little sheep pillows! I heart sheep!!

Manka said...

I love your lambs, they are so cute!
Great gifts:)

Patty C. said...

Love your sheep Elaine - Cute items you have posted ;)

suellen said...

Please share pattern/designer names for sheep! too cute!

Michelle said...

Lovely exchanges given and received xx

Annette said...

I see sheeps.... lot and lots of!!!
What a beautifull pieces..
And your lovely goodies...
Enjoy them

Have a great Sunday my dear

Pumpkin said...

What a cute finish!

ROFL! I was wondering if you were going to say something special about the sheep scissors ;o) I didn't even know they made them. Great exchange.

Yes, the word verification is a pita >:o(