Sunday, 10 July 2011

Exchanges & Gifts!

I recently started a blog for Exchanges and I;m delighted to say that our second Exchange with a Tea-party/Picnic theme has been a great success. Please visit our Gallery  to see all the wonderful packages sent and received by everyone who took part. For anyone interested sign-ups are open until tomorrow on our latest Summer Holiday Exchange.

These wonderful goodies were from my partner Lisa Isn;t my Watermelon pillow so pretty. I just love the Cottage Sampler chart, cute buttons, ribbon, fabrics and as I seem to be on a baking kick just now I;m looking forward to trying out those cute cookie cutters. Thank you so much Lisa for such a fabulous Exchange.

This is my Tea-party package that I made up for my partner Debbie I included some cup-cake napkins,recipe cards, stitched cube, fabric and pin cup-cake, thread cup-cake, button cake, tea-bag, tunnocks biscuit a mug and tea-tray.

I also received this wonderful surprise Tea-party RAK from Teresa My pretty mat is now displayed under my buttons and ribbons jar. My notepad which will be well used (I;ve a thing about making is on my fridge and I off course will have no problem using up those threads and that lovely kit. Thank you so much Teresa it was so kind of you to suprise me with this.

This is the one of the little Birthday gifts I gave you a peek at on my last post. It has now arrived with my dear friend Erna who said she was delighted with it, though I did have to apologise for the scary  As you can see even after many, many years off trying I still can;t do french knots.

Apologise to dear sweet Nia I was tidying out my display basket in the kitchen and I spotted my darling little bunny she made for me and I realised I hadn;t posted him on my blog. Isn;t he cute...ty sweetie. If I ever get any new mindees I;m sure we will be making him a few little friends as it would be a great craft project for the little ones.

Recently I was lucky enough to won a give-away that Edit had on her blog. My photo doesn't do these coasters justice. They are so delicate and pretty. I really don;t want to get them all grubby by using them as coasters. I want them displayed nicely so everyone can see them. These were crocheted by Edits Mum Kati a very talented lady.

Sorry for making this final picture so large but I just wanted to share what a horrible Summer we are having here in Scotland. As I mentioned in my last post we have had a few days of sunshine but on the whole since June we have mainly had weather like this. So this week friends when you are sitting there stabbing your needle through your fabric I want you all to chant  send Lainey sunshine, send Lainey sunshine, send Lainey sunshine. I will let you know on my return if it works..LOL. Happy Stitching!


Chris said...

Hi Lainey!
You are doing a great job organizing these exchanges. All the gifts are o beautiful.
I wish I could send some of our dry hot weather your way.


butterfly said...

What fun you have all had on the tea party exchange i am so looking forward to be in the next one.

Love all the photo,s Will try and send you some Devon Sunshine Lainey, but its not been to good here this week.hugs June.

Teresa said...

Glad you enjoyed the package.
French knots are not my favorite either but sometimes you just need to put that eye on a piece.
I will send you all the hot weather you want if you send the rain here.
I look forward to the next exchange.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Friendship Crossing said...

Hey Lainey,
Looks like you've had more rain than we've had! I will be glad to send you some HOT weather and HUMIDITY to go w/it!! LOL

Looks like you gals are doing a wonderful job w/those exchanges! Very pretty items sent and rec'd.

Did you get my latest email not too long ago? I still need your addie for our exchange.

Have a great week sweetie and I will start 'chanting' ~ ha!


Lesleyanne said...

Great exchanges and gifts sent and received. I hope the weather improves for you.

Colleen said...

Thank you, Lainey for the super exchanges you host. I'm having so much fun and I love meeting new stitchers from around the world. Beautiful stitching exchange gifts, sent and received by you.

Okay, I started my chant to send you sunshine. Hopefully you should receive tomorrow or the next day, but wait, what's this? You sent your rain to me, didn't you? We do need it here. It's pouring rain here in Florida!
Love your post and pictures. Have a super week!

TinaTx said...

That watermelon pillow is too cute!
Wish we could trade a little weater - here it is so hot and dry everything (and everyone!) is wilting! We need rain!

Gabi said...

That are lovely exchange pieces all over.
Weather is no better here either at the moment. Although it's Winter here right now.

Annie said...

Super gifts traveling between you and your buds! Have fun with your goodies and I hope the Sun gods shine on you soon!

Lisa V said...

Thanks for organising such a fun exchange Lainey. I'm glad you liked all that I sent you.
Could you pls tell me the name and designer of the friends design that you did and where you bought it from, it is lovely?

Beth said...

Hope some sunshine comes your way!

Erna said...

Oh Lainey I love them all, but I adore mine hahahaha Thanks again for the lovely gift ,I love it and it made my birtday special...Thanks for being a friend
Er xxxxxxxx

Anne Marieke said...

Such lovely exchanges!

I'm afraid I stole all your lovely weather when I was in Scotland recently. We had one day of rain and glorious sunshine for the rest of them.

Catherine said...

Thanks for having these wonderful exchanges Lainey!! Your gifts, both sent and received, are wonderful!

I'll try and wish some sunshine your way if you send some rain my way!

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness what wonderful exchanges - lovely photos thanks for sharing them xx

Annette said...

ow what a beautifull pieces and gift you all got.. you lucky girl!!!
You also as always stitched such beautifull pieces...
Ow what a bad weather your have...
We also have rain, but not everyday... at the moment we have a lot of sunshine, and so now and then some rain.. ( good for plants)..
I wil send you some!!!

Lois said...

What great exchange gifts! The weather has been very mixed, hasn't it!! Seems like the last little while it brightens up around 9pm - not much use then!!!! Maybe August will be a heatwave!!

Lillie said...

Loved your exchange theme. Both exchanges going and coming are wonderful.

carol said...

I really enjoyed looking through the gallery of all of the exchanges, Elaine--what wonderfully creative stitchers you had! I'm sure they all appreciated your efforts in organizing the exchange.

I was lucky enough to receive one of Nia's bunnies, too--isn't he the sweetest thing! And lovely crochet work from Edit and her mom :)

I do hope the weather brightens up very soon for you there in Scotland... We're experiencing a heat wave here in the U.S. so we don't go outside much either!

Enjoy your week :)

Sally said...

What wonderful exchanges!

I hope you get some sun soon. It's been pretty dull here with quite a lot of rain too.

Siobhan said...

What fantastic exchanges!

We've had a pretty dull summer, too. I don't mind it too much since I am not crazy about the heat, but still--yikes!

Fiona said...

All your exchanges and gifts look fantastic. The chants must have worked as we have had sunshine all week here in the north.

shutterbug (Elaine) said...

Love all your exchanges& gifts, sent & received! All that rain! And here we are with temps going into the high 90s this week and our lawn is already brown. Hope we get some rain soon or the farmers are gonna lose this year's corn crops.
Hugs, Elaine