Sunday, 6 February 2011


I know that all you ladies are busy, busy, busy with all your projects for the year but I;m hoping that I can get some of you to take part in a Spring/Easter exchange. If you haven;t taken part in an exchange before do come and join in as it is a good way off making new friends and having fun. Okay now for the rules. It;'s been quite a while since I;ve organised anything like this so if there is something I have missed please let me know.

Make and finish a small stitched item with a Spring or Easter theme. e.g. ornament, pillow,needlcase,pinkeep etc.

Put together a package off 5 other items. Now you can include in this whatever you wish and they can be stitchy items/non-stitchy or both. Not everyone has a large stash or access to goodies or the money off course to buy stuff. So your 5 items can be to the value off whatever you wish it to be. It's all about the taking part and having fun. For people that are new to exchanging here are some ideas that you could include in your 5 items.

Stitchy - chart, threads, needles, buttons,ribbons,fabric,scissors,trimming,pins, measuring tape, magazine etc.

Non stitchy - stickers, notelets, chocolate,key-ring,fridge magnet,magazine,candles,scented sachets,etc.

When you are ready to send your package or you receive a package please email me and let me know the date you sent out and recieved. Please also get a proof of posting for your parcel.
Now I know it;s like a kid waiting for Santa but please don;t open your parcel or post pictures to your blog until Easter Week-end. This gives everyone time for their packages to have arrived and a chance to see everyones exchange.
Please also send a photograph to me off the package you send so I can put pictures on my blog over Easter week-end to let everyone see who has taken part.
If you would like to take part please send me an email by Saturday the 13th February at (subject line Spring/Easter exchange) with the following information:

Blog Link:
Postal preferences:

Also include a little bio about your interests, stitching likes/dislikes and any information that you would like your partner to know about you. I will email the information to your partner and this way it means that it will be a surprise on opening day who your parcel is from.
The mailing out dates will be:
Sending Overseas from Europe/America/Canada/Australia etc - Monday 4th April
Within UK - Monday 11th April
Within US/Canada - Monday 11th April
Well I do hope that I will get some people to come along and join in and I haven;t sat here and babbled on about I;d also really appreciate anyone mentioning this exchange on their next blog post to try and pass the word around and get as many people to join in the fun.
Hope everyone is having a great week-end. I shall hopefully be back in a few days with an up-date on my stitching. Hugs.
ps..GO PACKERS!!!!


♥ Nia said...

That must be fun! Sadly I have to many projects on my hands already =/
Maybe next time I can join :)
Have a good Sunday!

Annette said...

So you are early!!!
What a great idea of you!
At the moment to bust with other thing but, some day I loveto enter it!!!
Good luck with it

Lynn said...

I've wanted to enter an exchange so much but my work commitments prevent me from doing so. I retire in May so hopefully you'll be having another exchange in the future. Thanks for the opportunity!