Monday, 23 April 2012

Meet Sheldon & A New Exchange!

Just popping in to introduce the latest member to the family. My DS and DD surprised me with him a few weeks ago. I screamed with delight when I opened the package. Non sheep lovers stop Catherine, Sally, Barb and all the other sheep lovers try not to be too jealous just be happy for me..hehehe.

We had a bit off a family debate to name him but finally settled on "Sheldon". We are huge fans of the US show The Big Bang Theory and Sheldon always makes us smile. My neighbour kindly let me take some photographs in her garden but sadly Sheldon will have to live in our home, if we leave him outside he may go  a wandering.

For anyone interested Stitched with Love Exchanges has a new "My Favourite Things" Exchange. There is a link on the right-hand side of the blog. Sign-ups are open until Friday. 
I shall hopefully be back soon with a beautiful RAK I recently received and some other stitchy stuff. Hugs!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter & Other Stuff!


I hope you are all having a lovely Easter week-end surrounded by family, friends and a few Easter choccie treats. I can;t quite bring myself too eat my Easter chocolate but more about that later. As you can see the bunnies have been busy. My Mum knitted these cuties too raise funds for her church. The kids big and small loved them, especially when they discovered a cadburys egg inside.
As my regular visitors and friends know I haven;t been around much these days as the priority in the Main Hoose for nearly a year now has been the care of my Mother-in-law. Last week we finally got her moved into a Very Sheltered Housing apartment. For the last two weeks my DH and myself have been painter, decorater, plumber, electrician, carpenter you name it we have had to set up the whole house from scratch. The tips of my fingers have worn away, every bone in my body aches and my brain is totally fried. As the quote says

"I;m so tired, my tired is tired "

Thankfully though the move went smoothly and my Mother-in-law has settled in very well. I hope that her Alzheimeirs doesn;t progress too quickly and she will get the benefit and little by little we will gain more time for our DD, DS and other family member and friends in the days and months ahead.

I have no idea how I managed it but I did find some time in early March before the madness started to stitch. This is my March ornament for my monthly SAL.

I also finished my Happy Mood wip. I started this in April 2010. Sadly the photo doesn;t show the lovely bright colours that I used and the fabric is actually a very pale lemon. I;m hoping to have it finished into a patchwork pillow.

Now get your dancing shoes on girls and join in my highland fling! I am so happy to have finished my Willow House by Blackbird Designs. As you will see I decided to stitch it horizontally rather than vertically. I also changed the colours too the threads I had in my stash and I;m so pleased how it turned it out. I just love the blue house and flower basket though the lazy daisy stitches were a first for me. I started this piece in June 2010 and even though it has taken me so long I have loved every stitch. As this is the year off our Silver Wedding I had planned to put our initials and wedding date but as this part was my final stitches something told me that as the last year had been all about my Mother in law I had to use hers.
I;ve also decided this is not one I will be adding to my finished box as soon as I have the cash I;m going to have it framed.

Apart from my Snowflake Ornament I have no idea what my stitching plans will be for the rest of April. Should I pull out another wip or maybe a new start would be more fun. All being well I will get to play with my stash soon.

Finally my DD Heather bought my this adorable chocolate sheep for Mothers Day. I told her I would keep it until Easter Sunday but oh my I can;t bare to eat Sally and Barb please stop drooling over your keyboard!
I shall hopefully be back with another post before April has come and gone. Take care and I wish you all many happy hours off stitching and crafting, hugs!