Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter Bunny Stitches...


Well here we are Easter Sunday and the month of March is nearly over. It has been a very quiet Easter week-end here in the Main household. I have been stitching, reading, listening to music and watching tv. The houseworks on

Cupar sends sloppy kisses to everyone for the get well wishes. He has had a real rough time. We are finally seeing signs that he is on the mend. His energy levels are moving in the right direction. He is eating his own food again and is starting to play with his toys.

Now to my stitches I'm afraid I'm not a very happy bunny as I noticed midweek when I took this photograph of the progress on my Summer Garden I had miss-counted. To the right of the bunny in the middle all the way along those pretty flowers and the other bunny are stitched one hole up from the bottom. I thought at first it was just my fabric that was making the line uneven then I saw my mistake...ggggrrrrrhhh!!! It has gone back in the box until I can bring myself to look at it again.

On a brighter note I have finished my March Ornament. I'm very pleased with how he has turned out. I decided not to stitch the words and I will wait until I make it up to see if I am going to add buttons to his shoes. Looking forward to stash raking this week to see what I choose for April.

I didn't manage many stitches on my Wicked Witch on Wednesday. Hope I will have more time to work on it this week.

These are my new charts, fabric and thread from SewandSo. Simple Joys is one for myself. I look forward to getting started on this one though I haven't decided when. 
I was missing some DMC threads for my Summer Garden and the fabric, needles and silk thread was for a new start that I started yesterday.
You've got this I am going to be stitching for an old work colleague of my husbands who has just had an masectomy. Cancer really sucks!!! There is rarely a day goes by that I don't hear of family, friends or neighbours being struck by this awful disease.

Before I kitted up my new start I decided to stitch the Hop Squared design by Lizzie Kate that I had just bought. As I was looking through my stash for a backing fabric I came across this pretty green one and I thought maybe I could have a go at stitching the design on this. I had a piece of waste canvas that I bought about 15 year ago and had never used. I was rather anxious and worried that it would be all wonky when I took the pins off but I'm (blushing) really rather pleased with myself. I spent Friday night making it up into this little pillow.

Continuing the Bunny theme this is my new start. It is taken from Mill Hills Hearts and Flowers booklet. The flowers are supposed to be all done with beads and there are a lot of Mill Hill treasures on the design but I need to go with what I have in my stash. Sorry about the poor photo the fabric is actually lime green.
Well I'm off to get my headphones on listen to my music and do some more stitching.
I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter week-end.
Happy Stitches and Bunny Hugs!


Clare-Aimetu said...

Happy Easter - a lovely blog and so good to read Cupar is better

Vickie said...

Sweet Cupar. :D
Oh those bunny stitches are fabulous!

Barb said...

Awww The woofit is simply gorgeous and I love the pic with him/her with the bunny. If you could e mail me Lainey I have a sheep pattern that I had gifted me by Sally , I had already bought it so do not need 2 , so I will send it to you if you let me know your addy . Lovely to see you blogging again.

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely stitching!
Belated Easter wishes :)

Lillie said...

What a lovely post, the bunny is cute.
Good to know Cupar is recovering.

Brigitte said...

It sounds like you spent a very lovely and quiet Easter weekend just doing the things that are dear to you. And wonderful to see so much bunny stitching going on here. All these bunnies are so sweet. But sorry to hear that you miscounted on Summer Garden. Maybe you can just leave it as it is, or does it need to be frogged? Whatever you do I just hope that you will continue stitching on this lovely piece very soon.
You got some nice new stash, great charts and gorgeous fabric.
A lovely idea to stitch Hop Squared on that fabric. And it really turned out great.

Cindy's Stitching said...

they are all delightful. love the bunny towel

Julie said...

A post full of delightful things, so good to read Cupar is improving.

Colleen said...

Super post Lainey! So many pictures to drool over. Glad that Cupar is on the mend.

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